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How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 has been released with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean as default OS, now you can use this post and learn what menu to open in order to check for new OS updates. Samsung has already released OTA updates for Note 3 devices from all over the world.

Since the release of this smartphone Samsung has released the official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Galaxy Note 3 phablet device. If you read this guide, then you will find info on how to manually check for new Android firmware updates using the Settings section of your device. Also, you can find instructions on how to successfully update the Note 3 using KIES or the 3rd party app, a Samsung firmware flash tool called Odin.

Updating a Galaxy Note 3 with an official update is easy, as usually these updates are pushed OTA (over-the-air) for your smartphone and you simply tap the Notification Message and then download the file. However, not all updates will appear first as a notification, so you will need to find alternative methods in order to see if there are new files available for installation.

This tutorial works for all Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variants, but you should use it only in case you know what you’re doing.

How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with OTA Android Firmware

Launch the “App Drawer”, then go to “Settings”, tap on “More”. Open the “About Device” section.

Now you need to open the “Software Update”. If there are any new files for download you will see the alert after pressing the “Check Now” button.

If there is an update available for your Galaxy Note 3, then you simply need to hit the download button and then wait until the process is complete. Make sure that you’re connected to an Wi-Fi network before staring the download.

When the installation is complete your Note 3 restarts and the “Installing System Update” text should be shown. Wait for the update to complete, that’s when the phone will boot in normal mode once again.

You can verify the installation by going to “About Device” under “Settings”. If the Android Build Number is the same as the one that was displayed on the Download screen, then you’re done with this guide.

This is the method that you can always use to check for new OTA Android updates.

How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using KIES

In case Samsung didn’t push the new Android update via OTA, and it has used the Samsung KIES instead, then you can use the instructions below.

Samsung KIES is a program released for all Samsung devices, one that you can use to easily control your device. One of its most important features is that it usually gets the Android updates first before the new files reach the phones OTA.

Download and install Samsung KIES first. After that you should install the Samsung USB Drivers.

Get your phone’s USB cable and connect it to your computer.

If any new Android update is available, then you should see a pop-up window. Click on the ‘Update’ button and then wait for KIES to automatically flash the new Android firmware upgrade files on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Wait for the process to complete and reboot the phone when its done.

How to flash new updates for Galaxy Note 3 using ODIN app

Installing / flashing a new Android update using ODIN might require a different set of skills. Odin is a 3rd party tool designed by the Android Samsung community in order to be used by anyone to push an official update for their phones without waiting for Samsung to release the files.

Usually an update for Samsung devices first hits a specific region, and after a while it will finally reach all devices worldwide.

Such firmware updating files are normally posted at SamMobile.

This method uses Odin3 v3.07 (download link) or Odin3 v3.09 (download link). Both versions of ODIN will work with your Note 3 device.

Make sure that you have the Samsung USB Drivers installed on your computer. These will make sure that your phone will be recognized.

After your download the correct firmware file for your Note 3 model you will need to extract the .tar.md5 file from the archive. Save the Android .tar.md5 firmware update file on your PC, then power off the phone and boot it in Download Mode.

Launch ODIN app on your computer.

Use the USB cable and connect your Note 3 with your PC, wait for ODIN to recognize the device.

If you’re using the Odin 3.07, then you have to click on “PDA” and load the .tar.md5 file. If you’re using Odin 3.09 press “AP” and load the file. Hit the START button whenever you’re ready for the installation to begin. An example tutorial is listed in this post.

These were all the instructions that you had to read, for other questions use the comments field below.

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