The much expected Google Music if finally out of beta. The service, offered by internet giant Google, remains free and is open to registration to any user in the US with a Google account (your Gmail account qualifies).

Part of Google Play, this new feature from Google workss as an online store for music, but most important and of interest to us, as a cloud media player. The service is accessible from the web, the Android app, or Google TV, and all the content is instantly available across all of these devices. Google Play was introduced in March 2012 when Google rebranded its Android Market and Google Music services

How to start playing music on your device:

To listen to Google Music on your Android, make sure the device is running Android OS version newer than 2.2.

Next, download the Google Music app from the Android Market and install it on the handheld.

You will see a list of songs once the process is completed. They will play from the cloud, but the Google Music app also gives you the possibility to store the media locally, so that it's available offline. Just click on the box-thing on the right, dubbed "available offline".

One can also select multiple artists or albums for offline availability. Just do a good old tap the menu button of your Android device, select "Make available offline."  Select which ones you want to listen to offline, then tap the check mark in the lower left-hand corner.

The options to "buy" (or "free" is the music is ... well free) allow you to purchase music. You pay once, and you have it available on all your devices as well as the option to offer it to a friend, who can listen once to the song for free based on your invite. Neat!

That's all folks! More on Google Music to follow, for sure, the concept behind this feature is rock (jazz, folk, whatever one likes) hard!

In case you missed it, here is the link to the Google Music Android app.

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