The HTC One is the flagship with which the Taiwanese company hopes to redeem itself. The company presented it as being one of a kind and promised to release it on as many markets as possible. The device is expected ti ship on 185 carriers and retailers until the end of next month. The HTC One is about to become available in the UK as Vodafone has already put it up for pre-order, and the network has even made its on-contract price public.

In case you want to get the HTC One with a two-year plan from Vodafone, the mobile network offers four distinct options all you have to do is choose the one which fits your needs. In case you don't have the necessary money for an upfront payment, you can get the handset for free, but note that you will have to pay £42 every month. This plan provides you unlimited minutes and text messages, plus 2 GB of data. In case you don't want such a high monthly fee you can opt to drop some upfront cash when you sign the contract. If so, you can choose from three different plans or £37, £33 or £29 monthly payments.

Of course, the amount of money that you have to pay in advance differs: £69, £129 and £179 respectively for these three plans. In the meantime, the carrier hasn't announced the price for the off-contract HTC One, unlike Three, which offers the SIM-free device for £479.99.

It looks like Three is offering a better deal for the HTC One when it comes to on-contract prices, as well. There are two different plans of £34 or £36 monthly fees for which you'll have to pay £69 in advance. Three doesn't offer the smartphone without upfront payment, though.

The HTC One is supposed to be released on March 15th, but you don't have to necessarily wait until then, as one of the British carriers might want to steal the start and offer it sooner.


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the pic in the article is One-x not new htc One

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