It is known that HTC has some problems with the UltraPixel technology, and because of that the company has delayed the launch of the HTC One is several regions. It seems that another region where the HTC One will not arrive this month is the Middle East.

The smartphone was released in UAE at the end of last month, the company stated that it would be available for purchase in March. However, the HTC representative in Dubai said that the launch of the phone will be delayed.

Neeraj Seth, who is the HTC Middle East senior brand communications manager claims that, even though there is still a possibility that the HTC One will be available in some markets this month, the flagship will be officially launched in next month in the Middle East. He also mentioned that the at the handset will be available in retail stores at $625.

As I said, the Middle East is not the only market where the release of the HTC One has been delayed, it's the same case with markets such as the UK, Holland, and Singapore. On the other hand, the US potential customers are lucky as the smartphone will be in stock at three of the major carriers, namely Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, while the subscribers of Verizon won't be getting it.

This is one of the reason why HTC has lost its nr 1 position when it comes to the number sold units. Many people have complained about the fact that Samsung uses the same plastic casings on its flagship, and this is a drawback, but these casings allow the South Korean company to manufacture as many units as it needs so that it can meet the high demand for its products.

The HTC One was expected to be the device that will put the Taiwan-base company back on track on the Android market, but with this kind of issues I think that HTC will once again be a disappointment is spite of the fact that this time the company has come up with a great device.

What are your thoughts? Are you waiting for the HTC One to be launched, or are you considering buying another phone?

Taha · 5 years ago

I still cant find the HTC one in major stores here in Saudi Arabia.....

Samad · 6 years ago

i can wait....

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