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HTC One Release Date Delayed Until April, Confirms the Manufacturer

There’s no doubt that the HTC One is one of the most highly awaited smartphones of the moment, but those who want to get their hands on the new flagship smartphone of the Taiwan-based company will have to arm themselves with some extra patience. After a series of rumors have suggested that the product will hit the stores helves later than expected, the Taiwanese company has confirmed that the HTC One release date has been delayed.

According to the official announcements made after the new terminal was introduced to the public, HTC One was supposed to become available for purchase both at retailers and carriers mid March. Without giving us a reason why the smartphone release date was pushed back, the HTC officials said that One will hit the market as of April, but there will be certain luckier markets where the smartphone will become available late March.

This is sad news for HTC as the company risks to repeat the last year’s unfortunate string of events. Last year, HTC launched the One X model and, despite some construction problems, it has became the most appreciated smartphone of the 2012 spring, courtesy of the powerful hardware platform and the high-quality display.

But in early summer, Samsung launched the Galaxy S3 model, and the gigantic marketing machinery of the South Koreans didn’t left too many open doors for the Taiwan-based company, a fact that was reflected in the poor financial results of the HTC company.

For the time being, the situation is even tenser because there’s only one day left until the launch of the Galaxy S4 rival, and depending on the availability date Samsung might actually reveal tomorrow, the two smartphones might hit the market in the same time frame, sometime mid April.

HTC said that they are planning to invest more in the marketing aspects of their products in the years to come, but Samsung has already proven that it’s a company that really knows how to play this card and the advantage HTC One had might not count if the two smartphones are released in the same time.