It is no secret to anybody that HTC has been going through a rough period in the last year or so thanks to likes of Apple and even more thanks to its main competitor, Samsung. While we are eagerly waiting for HTC to unleash its new portfolio in the next major even only a week from now, it seems like the Taiwanese manufacturer has been rather sloppy with keeping secrets. For now, the only leak is the HTC One ST, which does seem like a rather strange device.

Firstly, when thinking about the HTC One ST you would be tempted to think that it will be a similar model to the already proven HTC One S, but you would be a little off what the official spec sheet says. So far we only know a couple of things about the One ST, but these specs do make the smartphone a rather unique piece of hardware.

The most important attribute of the One ST is that it will only be available in China at launch, and so far we know of no plans to make it available globally. This is a rather unfortunate event since the hardware of the device is far beyond what current devices in the same category offer.

Now, let us move on to the actual specs of the device. The heart of the HTC One ST will be a dual core processor running at 1 GHz. Although we do not know the specific model, we know that this spec is unique so far for dual SIM devices. Other specs include a 4.3 inches wide display, probably of the LCD variety with the WVGA resolution and the Beats Audio enhancement.

On the outside, the HTC One ST will look very similar to its One S brother, apart from some minor differences like the red backlight for the haptic buttons ad a slightly different camera. We also do now know if the One ST will feature the same unibody of the One S, but one thing is for sure it will be only 9.25 mm thick and will weigh in at 115 grams.

The other very important aspect regarding the One ST is the software. Just like in the other areas, the HTC device is a little behind our times with Android 4.0.4 ICS out of the box, but maybe it will get an update to Jelly Bean somewhere in the near future after its launch. On the other hand, HTC have decided to bless this smartphone with their wonderful Sense 4.0 UI.

Unfortunately, this is all the info we have right now but we do expect the HTC One ST to be officially revealed on the 19th of September at the New York event, so until then stay tuned for further details.

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