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HTC One Official Teaser Gives Us An Idea On How It Will Look Like

The HTC M7, now known as HTC One is not such a mystery anymore when it comes to its hardware because we already now its technical specifications. We even now the date when it’s going to be launched. The only thing we were not sure about is how the handset would look like.

Well, the the appearance of the HTC One is not a secret any more because HTC dropped a couple of photos and videos on its website, probably by mistake, or not. The media that we’re talking about is present on the official HTC website and can be found if you check the source code of the countdown timer which displays the remaining time until the HTC One release date. And if you access the Resources section, you can find a couple of images featuring the handset (although they are kind of unclear), and some teaser videos.

You can also check the video beneath this article. If we take a close look at the video, we can realize that the reported leaked image leaked by @evleaked is indeed the real deal, if the video itself is blurry. The design of the HTC One is similar to the design of the BlackBerry 10 and the iPhone 5, featuring a metallic unibody with chamfered edges.

But what about the design featured by the images of the Chines spare part retailer. Maybe, that’s the design of another smartphone that will be launched by HTC, as well.