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HTC Posts Record Low Profits for Q1 2013

HTC One seems to be one of the most anticipated smartphones in 2013, receiving a lot of positive reviews from the tech publications while the customers are drooling to see it hitting the stores shelves. While the HTC One is still making the headlines, the Taiwan-based company has posted the financial results for the first three months of 2013.

Compared to the same quarter of the last year, the HTC financial results in Q1 2013 are disastrous. In Q1 2012 HTC reported that it managed to obtain a profit of $173 million, while in the January – March time frame of 2013, the Taiwan-based company posted a profit of only $2.8 million.

I’ll do the math for you. We are talking about $170 million less compared to the same quarter of last year, which is a worrying sign for the HTC, given that companies like Apple or Samsung are posting profits that overpass the $5 billion threshold.

Reports are indicating that the all time low profit posted by the Taiwanese company is a result of the delayed HTC One market debut. The new flagship smartphone debuted on February 19th and as we speak the stores don’t have it in stocks. It was reported that only 6,000 HTC One units were supplied to HTC’s stores based in Taiwan.

We might actually see the HTC One hitting the market in the same time with Samsung’s Galaxy S4. The South Korea-based company will definitely have an extremely aggressive marketing campaign, and the HTC One might not be capable of having a real impact on the market.