Even though the HTC Rezound users might expect a Jelly Bean based update to be released, I have to say that there are few chances to see that happening, at least not for now. Anyway, don’t get too disappointed though as we do have something new for you and for your handset: the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 powered AOKP custom ROM firmware. So, during the present step by step guide we will be checking in how to update your Rezound to AOKP ROM, this being the most stable software developed for your device.

The software was developed and first tested on such a phone by those of xda-developers and even though this is still the beta release of the update, the ROM is performing quite good and there have been reported only one problem with the streaming video recording that force closes for now. The rest of the features are working great so you have all the reasons for installing the AOKP Custom ROM on your HTC Rezound and update the same to ICS 4.0.4 OS. This will be the perfect way for you to improve the phone performances as the upgrade is coming with numerous capabilities that cannot be found in the official version of the Android platform.

Take note though as the present tutorial isn’t provided by HTC, so the update has nothing to do with the mentioned company. This means that by flashing the AOKP software on your Rezound you will void its warranty. The operation is being considered risky, so be careful in what you do and try to stick to the steps from below; don’t perform things by yourselves. Furthermore, you will have to make some changes and to apply some things to your phone first, so read all the next lines. Without completing everything from this tutorial you will not be able to update your Rezound.

The first to start with is the backup. As you should know each time you decide to perform a complex operation on your smartphone the data which is stored on its internal storage memory might get wiped out. The same will happen if you update your Rezound without backing up the data first. Therefore, be patience and take care of your personal info. You can save almost everything from your phone as there are dedicated apps (for saving text messages, market apps, internet settings, call logs and so on) and services (like the Android cloud) available for the backup operation and they can be easily used by all of us. If you don’t know how to manage this situation, then you can anytime search through our previous guides for suitable tutorials.

Now, as we have saved the data, there are other things to be considered too. First, you have to get S-Off for your HTC Rezound. As you know almost each time you buy a device it will be delivered with S turned ON. So, it’s your job to get it off. After dealing with this operation you should get and install a custom recovery image for your smartphone. I recommend you to flash the AmonRa recovery or the TWRP recovery and not the ClockworkMod recovery as the last one will not work at this time. We will use a custom recovery image for installing the ICS based AOKP update on your Rezound, so you must complete this last operation.

Then, we have the pre requisites. In a few words here is what this is all about: make sure you can use a Windows running computer and the phone USB cord; enable the USB debugging option on your handset; on both computer and device deactivate the Firewall protection or any other security tools; charge the handset battery or at least make sure that there is minimum 60% power left; install the proper drivers on your computer and don’t apply the next steps for similar devices with the HTC Rezound as you can end up in bricking them.

How to Install AOKP Custom ROM on HTC Rezound and Update to ICS 4.0.4

  1. Download the ROM file from here.
  2. Download Google Apps package from here.
  3. Save the files to your computer.
  4. Connect the handset with the computer.
  5. Use the USB cable for this.
  6. Copy the downloaded files (all of them) to your phone’s SD card.
  7. Disconnect the device from the PC.
  8. Turn it off.
  9. Reboot in bootloader.
  10. For bootloader: press and hold Volume Down button while powering one.
  11. Then, from bootloader choose to boot in recovery mode.
  12. From recovery select “Wipe -> user data factory reset”.
  13. If you are using TWRP recovery, select “Wipe-> Factory reset”.
  14. Then, select “Flash zip” followed by “choose zip from sd card” (“install” if you use TWRP).
  15. Pick the ROM file and install it.
  16. Next, do the same for flashing the Google Apps package.
  17. When all the processes ends, select “return” and “reboot system now”.
  18. That’s all.

Congratulations, you have succeeded in installing the AOKP Custom ROM firmware on your HTC Rezound. Your phone was updated to the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 platform so now you can start using and testing the same. I know that is not Jelly Bean but be patience as maybe a suitable Android 4.1 update will be made available in the future. So, stay close as we will be the first to update you with the same. In the end, do tell us how you find the new ROM and if there are bugs or things that aren’t working.

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