The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean XXUEMI6 test build has been leaked from Samsung servers and it can be installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 smartphone. Use this tutorial if you want to successfully update your smartphone with this firmware build.

Learn more about this release by visiting this news article here. If you want to successfully flash this XXUEMI6 Stock Android 4.3 leaked ROM on your phablet, then you should first take a look at the preparation guide below:

  • This post works only with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 International with model number N7100.
  • Don't attempt to update any other Samsung models with the files you find in the 'how-to' part of this post.
  • In case your Galaxy Note 2 is rooted then you should know that by installing this new stock you will revoke root.
    - also, in case your device is currently running on a custom ROM, then you should know that by installing a stock build of Android 4.3 over it you will be asked to apply a factory reset.
    - the factory reset deletes all contents stored on your device.
  • If you install this XXUEMI6 Android 4.3 on your Galaxy Note 2, then you should know that the process won't increase the binary counter nor it will void the warranty of your device.
  • Download and install the Samsung USB Drivers for your computer from here.
  • Disable or uninstall the Samsung KIES software before starting the installation.
  • Disable all antivirus/ security programs from running on your computer.
  • You should create backups for all important files before starting the updating process.
  • Check the phone's battery power levels and make sure that there is at least 50% left before the device switches off completely.
  • In case you're having problems with the installation process, then you should ask for more help in comments.
  • Please note that this is a guide for advanced users and you should use it only if you know what you're doing.
  • Do not skip any steps that I have listed in the how-to part.
  • Also, don't blame us in case you brick your smartphone or lose any important data in the process.

Now that you know all of the above, continue to the next part of this post and learn how to flash a stock ROM for your device.

How to flash Android 4.3 XXUEMI6 leaked stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100:

  1. Download the N7100XXUEMI firmware zip from here.
    - the password for the download file is "wagnervaz"
  2. When the download is complete, extract the zip contents and place the ".tar.md5" file on your desktop screen.
  3. Next, download Odin3 v3.09 from here.
    - extract the contents of this zip and save them all in a single folder.
  4. Power off the Galaxy Note 2 completely now.
  5. Boot the phone in Android Download Mode:
    - it can be done by pressing Volume Down, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
    - release the buttons when the warning screen appears and then press Volume Up to boot in normal mode.
  6. Next, launch the ODIN executable on your computer.
  7. Use the USB Data Cable and connect your Note 2 with your PC.
    - wait for Odin to confirm that the smartphone has been recognized and then continue to the next step.
    - if the device isn't recognized, then you should try to plug it into a different USB port or re-install the Samsung USB Drivers. (download link here)
  8. Now you need to go to Odin window and press the AP button:
    - load the AP_N7100XXUEM16_CP_N7100XXEM16_CSC_N7100XAEM16_BY_WVAZ_DINK.tar file in Odin.
    - don't change any other default Odin settings.
    - make sure that the Re-Partition option is not enabled. If it is enabled, then you should un-check the box listed next to it.
  9. Press the START button for the installation process of Android 4.3 XXUEMI6 leaked ROM for Note 2 to begin.
    - don't press any buttons until the installation is complete.
  10. When the leaked ROM is flashed with success your device will reboot in normal mode. Unplug the phone from PC when the Samsung boot animation screen is shown on your device.
  11. That's it, now you can begin to test the new ROM and see if there are any improvements when compared to Android 4.2.2 stock ROM.

I hope that you've managed to update your device and that now you can test the new OS.

In case ODIN says that the installation process failed, then you should power off the device, disconnect it from PC and then repeat the entire tutorial once again.

In case ODIN says that the installation was successful but the phone is unable to boot in normal mode and it gets stuck at the Samsung boot animation screen, then you will need to apply a factory reset.
- the factory reset will remove all contents from your phone's system partition, while the internal storage won't be affected by it.

Here's how to apply a factory reset for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 for it to boot in normal mode:

  • power off the device completely.
  • boot it into stock Recovery Mode like this: press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power until the Recovery Mode appears.
  • select 'wipe data/ factory reset' and confirm this process.
  • return to the main Recovery screen.
  • select 'reboot system now'.
  • enter your Google Account details when the Android 4.3 XXUEMI6 home screen appears.

Now your phone should boot normally. If you have any other questions you should use the comments field below.

Yu · 5 years ago

Awesome !! it works !! thanks a lot !!

Jokermemos · 5 years ago

turkish 4.3 Rom

D C Pathak · 5 years ago

I've flashed a pre-rooted version of this rom on my note 2 and accidently deleted the old backup for 4.1.2. Will I be able to get the OTA update of the Official, Stock 4.3 if I revoke the root access? If no, should I flash the official, stock 4.1.2 rom again and will this temper with my EFS?

ahmad · 5 years ago

wow ! great ! I just downloaded a fresh copy of it from bittorrent and installed it ....thanks a lot

amir hamza · 5 years ago

Please give us another link to Download the N7100XXUEMI firmware zip

saif · 5 years ago

cant download the firmware, theres a problem in download

amir hamza · 5 years ago

Me too.

CilverSphinx · 5 years ago

Has anyone flashed their Note 2 with this leaked firmware? And if so have you found it to be stable?

Daryl O'Guinn · 5 years ago

Can I use this with att note 2

Alex · 5 years ago

No . You cannot use this with at&t note2. It's only for international version N 7100.

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