The new Android 9 Pie official update for Galaxy S10+ comes with the latest Galaxy Note 10 features and improvements. Check the guidelines in this post in order to learn how to manually update your Galaxy S10+ manually.

Samsung is launching all their software updates over-the-air for all Galaxy S10+ Exynos models across the world. The updates are usually sent in stages for all users, but this will take a while before it reaches everyone, so those users who are more advanced that others can use Odin app and a Windows PC to complete the update manually.

The new Android 9 Pie comes with Galaxy Note 10 features like Dynamic Lock Screen, AR Doodle, Super steady recording for Hyperlapse Mode, new Live Focus effects for both photo and video modes. Besides all these changes there are also security patches and other improvements added along with this new firmware update.

The new firmware update is now released over-the-air only for users in Europe, and you should only install the update only for the Galaxy S10+ G975F models with Exynos chipset. Don't try to use the tutorial for other different Galaxy S10+ devices.

How to update Galaxy S10+ with Android 9 Pie with Note10 2019 Features:

Read all the guidelines and instructions in this post if you want to complete the new update manually at your first attempt. If you cannot complete the installation you have to tell us in comments at the end of the tutorial. Here's how to install the update:

  1. Download Samsung USB Drivers from here.
  2. The usb drivers should be installed on your computer, as otherwise you cannot connect the Galaxy S10+ with your computer.
  3. Download the Odin 3.13.3 zip from here. This is the application that you will have to use in order to install the update on your phone via computer.
    After Odin is downloaded you have to extract the zip contents and save them on your computer.
  4. Download Android 9 G973FXXU3ASIG archive file from here.
  5. When the firmware download is done you should extract the archived contents and save them on your PC.
  6. Now you can power off the phone.
  7. Open Odin exe on your PC.
  8. Boot your phone in Download Mode.
  9. Use the usb cable and connect your phone to PC and allow it to be detected by the Odin app. If the Galaxy S10+ is not detected you have to reinstall the USB drivers and retrace all the above steps.
  10. In Odin you will now have to load all the firmware update files. These are the files you obtained at the extraction process at step 5.
    • click AP and load the AP_G973FXXU3ASIG tar.md5 file.
    • click BL and load the BL_G973FXXU3ASIG tar.md5 file.
    • click CP and load the CP_G973FXXU3ASIG tar.md5 file.
    • click CSC and load the HOME_CSC_G973FXXU3ASIG tar.md5 file.
    • don't load the file that only has "CSC" in its name, as that one will tell Odin to wipe all the data from your phone.
  11. When you're ready you can hit the START button and initiate the Android 9 Pie update process. Wait for Odin to complete the update.
  12. Reboot the phone in normal mode when you're done with the update.

These were all the steps you had to take in order to complete the Android 9 Pie update. If you need more help completing this guide you have to use the comments field.

Also, if the installation fails for any reason, then we strongly recommend you to read the entire guide as you might have skipped some steps.

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