If you're not a big fan of TWRP Recovery then you can choose to flash the other one, the CWM Recovery. Use this guide to learn how to install it on your Motorola Razr HD XT925 phone. Read the entire post and you should be able to flash all files successfully without losing any data in the process.

Install a custom Recovery on your Motorola device will help you flash new custom ROMs, kernels, themes or any other modification files that will eventually, improve your Android experience. This build of ClockworkMod Recovery has been released by XDA member and developer, epinter. In order to successfully flash it on your device, you will need to read the guidelines below:

  • This guide works exclusively with the Motorola Razr HD model number XT925. Do not attempt to flash it on any other Motorola variant, as that will brick other devices.
  • Your phone should have its bootloader unlocked. If yours doesn't, then you will find this link here very helpful.
  • You need a Windows PC that has the Android SDK installed and all the Motorola USB Drivers. Without these installed you cannot push and install the CWM Recovery.
  • Make sure to disable all the Antivirus and security software apps that are currently working on your PC.
  • Also, make sure that your device's battery is charged and that the power level says that it is over %50. This will prevent the device from powering off while you're installing the ClockworkMod Recovery image.
  • Enable USB Debugging from the Android Developer Options menu and that will make sure that your smartphone will be recognized by your PC.
  • Charge the phone's battery until its power levels are over 40%.
  • We can't be held responsible in case you brick the device or you lose any important data in the process.
  • Read all the instructions I've listed and make sure that you won't skip any steps, as that might result in a failed attempt.

If you can't complete the installation of this custom recovery on your smartphone, then you should ask for extra help in our comments section.

How to install CWM Recovery for Motorola Razr HD XT925:

  1. Download the Fastboot zip file from HERE.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip to a single folder titled 'fastboot'. Place the folder on your computer's desktop screen.
  3. Download CWM Recovery image file and save it into the Fastboot folder. You should rename the file to 'recovery.img'.
  4. Power off your Motorola Razr HD.
  5. Boot it into Boot Mode Selection Menu mode. It can be done by pressing at the same time Volume Up, Volume Down and Power. Release the buttons when the phone powers ON.
  6. Select 'AP Fastboot' option and then get to the next step.
  7. Connect your device to your PC via USB data cable. Windows will install the drivers for your device.
  8. Open the 'Fastboot' folder and right-click on the white space. Select 'open command window here' and then you should wait for the Command Prompt to appear.
  9. Enter the following command to flash the CWM Recovery on your device:
    • fastboot devices - this will display the device's serial number and you can enter the next command line.
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img - this will push the CWM Recovery image to your device.
    • fastboot reboot-bootloader - this command will force your device to restart and then boot directly into Boot Mode Selection.
  10. Choose Recovery from the Boot Mode Selection Menu. This will force your device to boot into CWM recovery mode.
  11. You should be asked to disable the stock Recovery before the ClockworkMod Recovery menu appears. Confirm that action and that should be all.
  12. Test and use the CWM recovery to flash custom ROMs or any other customization files.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to successfully flash the CWM Recovery image on your smartphone. In case you're having problems installing it, then you can ask for our help in comments. Make sure to leave a detailed comment explaining exactly where you got stuck.

Remember that in order to boot into CWM Recovery mode you will have to boot into Boot Selection Mode Menu and select 'Recovery' from all those options. You can use the ClockworkMod Recovery to flash new Android 4.2 custom ROMs or any other Jelly Bean new tool to improve the overall Android experience for your Motorola Razr HD XT925.

Brendon Goh · 5 years ago

I have unlocked the bootloader and have a successfully rooted xt925. After following these instructions and having complete success going through the steps, the phone only boots into stock recovery.

Marcelo Machado · 5 years ago

On my xt 925 after unlock and try this steps
At step9
Fastboot devices ok no errors
Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img ok no error
Fastboot reboot-bootloader the device off screen like a reboot and enter on fastboot autmatically

Johnny · 6 years ago

Im on windows 8 and have the white razr HD and I get a failed error everytime

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