Samsung Galaxy S3 has been launched a few days ago and Chainfire, an XDA elite recognized developer, already created a new working clockworkmod recovery image for it. Using this article you will learn how to properly install CWM Recovery on your Galaxy S3 device.

Installing Clockworkmod Recovery on your SGS3 means that you will be able to download and install new custom ROMs on it. Without CWM you cannot flash new ROMs. Also, it should be installed on rooted devices. For the moment there aren't any bugs and it should work on all Galaxy S3 smartphones with any internal and external storage sdcard.

Clockworkmod Recovery can also be used to backup your entire ROM but you should note that the SGS3 backups will be very big, as the Android ICS on Galaxy S3 OS  measures at least 1GB. After you install CWM Recovery you will have to root your device and only after this process you will be able to install custom ROM firmware on your phone.

Please note that when you're flashing a new firmware, you will also want to keep the CWM Recovery. Usually, original firmware include the stock recovery and this means that if you use ODIN then this recovery will be overwritten. Also, if you try to use Mobile ODIN to install firmware then you will have to first open the firmware files by selecting 'Open File...' option, after that select Recovery entry and hit the 'CLEAR' button. This method will prevent the recovery from getting overwritten.

For the CWM Recovery image to be installed on your phone, you should have the Samsung Galaxy S3 USB drivers installed. If not, then you should install them.

Now that you know all this info and you've learned what is CWM Recovery and what it can be used for, you can move to the tutorial guide and learn how to install it on your device. Make sure to read the entire tutorial guide and apply only the steps I've listed in the 'how-to' guide.

How to install CWM Recovery on Galaxy S3 using Odin3:

  1. Download the Odin3 v1.85 and save it on your PC. This is the application we're gonna use to flash the CWM Recovery.
  2. Download the CWM Recovery file. Save it on your computer also.
  3. Now you have to extract both zip files. Odin leave it in its own folder, and the CWM Recovery after being unzipped should extract a .tar file. Do not extract the tar file.
  4. Now disconnect your phone from your computer.
  5. Launch Odin3 executable.
  6. In Odin you should find a PDA button. Click it and after that browse your computer files and select the 'CF-SGS3-CWM-vX.X-vY.Y.tar' file.
  7. Now you need to power off your phone as you will have to boot it into download mode.
  8. Download mode can be entered by pressing 'volume down' + 'home' + 'power' buttons. A download mode logo will appear. If you're asked to press any other button, press it.
  9. Now, connect your Galaxy S3 to your PC.
  10. Go to ODIN and make sure that the 'repartition' option is unchecked.
  11. Now you can click START.
  12. When the CWM Recovery will be successfully installed, your device will restart and that's the last step you had to take.

CWM Recovery can be entered by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power buttons or you can launch it from your CWM icon or ROM manager app, these should be installed on your phone.

If you didn't manage to install CWM or you cannot understand one of the steps above, then you should ask for help in comments and we will eventually guide you through the installation process.

Now, that your device has the ClockworkMod Recovery installed, it means that you can now root your Galaxy S3 with our guide here. Also, you should return to our website in the coming weeks as we will have some new custom ROMs for you to flash.

Niluka Subasinghe · 3 years ago


1. Install ClockwordRecovery using ODIN
2.Wipe cache partition
3. Wipe Dalvik cache
4.Format system only
5.Download the suitable ROM for your phone.
6.Root the phone using ODIN.
7. Flash the Downloaded ROM using ODIN
8. Then You are done.

Niluka Subasinghe · 3 years ago

my phone is stuck with samsung logo. further it is not booted. I have very important image files and voice files on it. please guide me to recover those data. i need some step by step guidance. thanks

Gulshan Rao · 3 years ago

i am facing the same problem.,.,i really need your help,.,.,9873752118 this is my wats app number..,.,plz ping me niluka.,.,gulshan.rao.8 this my fb id

Mike · 4 years ago

Will this process work on a Rogers networked S3 SGH-1747 phone ???

kitgerrits · 5 years ago

You need to also store the latest GAPPS .zip fiel on your phone / (external) SDCARD.

You will need to install this via the CWM recovery tool.

Without this, you cannot access a browser or the Play Store.

monica · 6 years ago

I am having trouble getting my phone to root. I have the sph-l710 samsung s3. I had my phone rooted back in august and I updated it. Now i cannot get it rerooted. whenever I choose the cf-sgsz file in clockwork it says that the E:signature verification failed. What can I do to fix this?

jimmy · 4 years ago

monica you can still use framaroot to root your device

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