The Vodafone Smart, also known as Huawei U8160, is not a high end smartphone, being a budget friendly phone. But to be even more precise it really has nothing to impress us; the specs, features and looks are poor and it could only satisfy an entry level, of family type of customers.

Anyway, the performances can be improved though by installing some tools into the system. Therefore, during the present tutorial I will show you how to complete such an operation. I’m talking about flashing the ClockworkMod Recovery, which as you know is a custom recovery image, on your Vodafone Smart.

This is the perfect method to apply when you want to unchain your phone from those annoying factory restrictions, or when you want to obtain more access over the operating system. Also, you must learn how to install the ClockworkMod Recovery custom recovery image on your Vodafone Smart / Huawei U8160 if you want to make an OS update or if you are looking forward in flashing a custom ROM (such as CyanogenMod) into its system. It’s a must to do operation, so let’s get started.

But first, here is what you get once you buy the Vodafone Smart. The specs are including a 528 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM memory, a 2.8 inch display, a 2 MP rear facing camera with no front facing one and the Android 2.2 OS. Now, in order to power things up, or to update that outdated operating system you must first install ClockworkMod Recovery.

ClockWorkMod Recovery (or just CWM) is a custom recovery for Android phones, tablets or any Android based device, that allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration and maintenance operations (such as hard reset capabilities, install a .zip custom ROM from the SD card, backup in an easier way, change the menu bar, icons and the phone theme). A custom image will replace the stock recovery with a new one that will be more “open” to changes and improvements.

Your job is to download the software and then follow my instructions for flashing it properly. The procedure is not hard to complete and it will only take a couple of minutes from your time; you will be back on track in the shortest time possible. Now, in order to make it through, you must have access to a Windows / Linux / MAC running computer, to your handset and to its USB cord. Then complete the below described tasks:

  • Installing the ClockWorkMod Recovery will wipe the data out from your Vodafone Smart. That's why you must (only if you think you can lose precious info from your phone like apps, SMS, contacts and so on) backup its data first. Then you can return and resume the tutorial.
  • Deactivate the security programs located on the PC and on the tablet. These tools can interrupt the procedure.
  • Enable the USB debugging in your phone. For completing this, just go to “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”.
  • Make sure that in your handset there is around 70% (80% recommended) power left, if not charge the device first.
  • The Vodafone Smart needs to be previously rooted. In our previous guides you can find out how to safely root the Vodafone Smart, so first go and complete this task. Remember that once you do so, the warranty will be void; if you’re not comfortable with this maybe it will be better to stop here.

You can now proceed to basic how to procedure. Read carefully, do all as explained and everything should be fine.

Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Vodafone Smart / Huawei U8160

As you can see I have explained the method in two ways, read them and use the one that you prefer, both of them are working perfectly.

Classic method

  1. First you must download the tools needed. So get the Custom Recovery Image Zip Package from here and the Rooting APK File from here and place them to the computer.
  2. Connect the phone with the PC by using the USB cord.
  3. Copy the files downloaded and extracted from the computer on to the handset.
  4. Disconnect the device from the PC by removing the USB cable.
  5. Run the APK file to install the same.
  6. Turn off the Vodafone Smart.
  7. Reboot it by holding the “power” and “volume up” keys.
  8. Now the device will be in the recovery mode menu.
  9. Select “install zip from sd card” followed by “choose zip from sd card”; the file should be where you place it (in step 3) just pick it.
  10. Select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.
  11. Done.

ADB method

  1. In this method you must get the Supported Files Zip package from here and place it to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file downloaded before.
  3. Open command prompt (Start -> run -> cmd).
  4. Connect the phone to the PC by using the USB cord.
  5. In cmd enter the commands from the image:
  6. When finished the device should reboot on its own into Clockwork Mod Reovery.
  7. Disconnect the phone from the PC.
  8. Reboot it.
  9. Done.

Now you can  install the ClockworkMod Recovery custom recovery image on your Vodafone Smart / Huawei U8160 handset by yourselves. As already stated there are many advantages that comes with a custom recovery image; discover them and share your thoughts with us.

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