The HTC One X device has been launched a few weeks ago and HTC hopes to become one of the most popular devices of 2012, hoping that it will be able to battle against Samsung' Galaxy S3 device, which should be launched in the coming months. However, the HTC One X features the powerful Tegra 3 quad-core CPU which is available on devices that are non-LTE, while the ones that are sold in the US and other countries with LTE technology are using he dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU.

All the above is general info regarding HTC's high-end smartphone and the tutorial guide you'll find below will help you to install Touch Clockworkmod Recovery on your ONE X. Install the CWM Touch Recovery will offer you access to your phone's subsystem allowing you to install custom ROMs and themes and any other customizing things that will enhance your HTC One X experience. So, if you're a rooting and custom ROM enthusiast then this installation of CWM Touch Recovery is a must and here you will learn how to successfully apply on your One X smartphone. Before we can start applying the changes you need to read the preparation instructions listed below:

  • you need a HTC One X device. Do not attempt to install Clockworkmod Touch Recovery on any other models as it won't work. So, if you're using a LTE version, this guide isn't for you.
  • make sure to unlock the bootloader of your One X. This it can be done following the link here which guides you to HTC's official website. Create an account and then hit the Unlock bootloader button to start. Select the 'All other supported devices' option, as the One X isn't listed separately. Follow the instructions and after the phone's bootloader has been unlocked you will be able to install CWM Touch recovery.
  • backup your data files such as pictures, video and audio files by moving them to your phone's SD Card. Also, you can choose an alternative method to move them to your computer using the USB cable.
  • backup your SMS text messages using the SMS Backup & Restore application.
  • use Call Logs Backup & Restore app to save all your incoming and outgoing calling information.
  • sync your Contacts with your Gmail account using the tutorial guide listed here.
  • enable USB debugging.
  • disable or remove all antimalware and firewall applications.
  • read all the info and make sure to double check every step listed under the tutorial guide and in this way you won't be forced to repeat all the CWM Touch Recovery flashing process.

Now that you've read all the info, you can move to the first step of the tutorial guide. Please note that you're putting your phone at risk when you're flashing its system and, neither, nor the developers of CWM Touch Recovery will be held responsible in case your One X smartphone gets bricked or any files get corrupted. When you've successfully unlocked the bootloader, you are allowed to install the CWM Touch Recovery, as it can be flashed using fastboot mode.

How to install the Clockworkmod Touch Recovery on HTC ONE X smartphone:

  1.  After you've unlocked the bootloader, you can download the fastboot files.
  2. Go to Modaco and download the Clowckworkmod Recovery. Click the first download link, the one that is named "r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img". NOTE: The second link is the stock recovery file and you can download it only in case HTC releases an OTA update and you will need the original default recovery files, which will also remove CWM Touch Recovery files.
  3. Extract the 'fastboot files', downloaded at step 1, into a single folder. There should be 4 files extracted.
  4. Now you need to move the CWM Touch Recovery file image to the same folder you've placed the extracted fastboot files. Now you will have 5 different files listed there.
  5. Launch the 'cmd' / command prompt on your Windows computer. Point cmd to the files saved at step 4.For Windows 7 users you can go to that specific folder and hold the Shift button and click the right mouse button. This should be done outside any file, so that neither extracted files is selected. A pop-up context menu appears and you need to choose 'Open Command Windows here'. Cmd screen will launch and the location will be automatically run the fastboot folder.
  6. Now, turn off your ONE X. Connect the phone to your PC.
  7. Enter bootloader mode by holding the Volume Down and pressing the Power button on your phone. Select 'fastboot mode' using the volume rocker keys and selecting it with the Power button.
  8. When 'fastboot mode' has successfully launched, move to your PC and in the cmd screen you need to type this: fastboot devices. The HTC ONE X device should appear or at least a number. In case neither the device number nor the device is shown then you should repeat all the steps since step 3 until now. Also, check for the ADB on your computer, despite the fact that these files should've been already installed when the bootloader was unlocked.
  9. When the ONE X device appears listed in cmd you can move on to flash the recovery mode. To flash the recovery you need to type the following command line in cmd:
  • fastboot flash recovery r1-modaco-recovery-clockwork-touch-endeavoru.img
  • Clockworkmod Touch Recovery should start the flashing process and it will install on your device. When done, you need to type this into cmd:
    • fastboot reboot
  • Your One X device will be restarted and you need to wait until it displays the home screen.
  • In order to enter Recovery you need to switch off the device and launch bootloader mode again as you did at step 7.
  • Choose Recovery mode from the options listed and then wait until the One X successfully loads it. In case you think this action is too complicated then you can choose to install 'QuickBoot' app from Google Play Store and use it to boot Recovery Mode, but for this to work your device should be rooted.
  • That should do it, now you're HTC One X has been successfully flashed using the Clockworkmod Touch Recovery. If you can't understand any of the steps listed above then you should ask for help by using our comments section and, I will try to guide you through the flashing process.

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    If i want to root my android phone, does it change my current android version when flashing it with cwm?

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