I know that the Motorola Photon 4G was released way back in August last year and that there are no major OS updates available for its users, so I bet that this step by step guide will be perfect for you. One of the most popular custom ROMs developed for the Android platform has just been made available for the Photon handsets and during the following I will try to teach you how to apply the same on your device. I am talking about the Cyanogenmod 7 firmware, which is now on its official version, of course just for your Motorola smartphone.

It’s true that nowadays we are dealing with more powerful updates, like the CM 9 ROM which is being based on the Ice Cream Sandwich software, but you will have to be pleased with a relatively old version of the Cyanogenmod firmware, at least until a better version gets out. Remember that this is the official variant of the ROM, meaning that there are no bugs in the system and the Photon will work perfectly. Furthermore, by installing the Cyanogenmod 7 on your Motorola Photon 4G device you will be able to improve the phone’s performances as many features will be added.

The speeds will be upgraded, the battery life will be improved and the looks, appearances, themes and also the internal system will be optimized and customized. Flashing a custom ROM will offer you more access over your handset, which will also be unchained from the factory restrictions. But, this aspect brings a relatively unpleasant situation. Once you decide to apply the update you will lose the Motorola Photon warranty. But, don’t worry because if you follow a tutorial, just like this one, your phone will be in safe hands. Furthermore, you can restore the warranty by reverting to the official version of the OS, or by re-locking the bootloader.

Remember that the Cyanogenmod 7 will not install ICS on your Photon 4G. This ROM is developed on the Gingerbread firmware, bringing features and capabilities not found in the default version of the software. Leaving these aspects aside, let’s concentrate on more important info. First of all, it’s more than recommended to save the data from your smartphone before starting the update operation. All of your data located on the phone’s internal memory should be backed up; the files stored on the SD card will not be affected. For making a proper backup you can read our previous how to guides from below:

  • In order to save the messages or any other text file you should download some apps available on the Android Store, Google Play. For the best tools check our tutorial from here.
  • Then, download and install Call log backup and restore apps for your Motorola Photon 4G device.
  • The contacts can be saved by syncing with Google. You can use the Google cloud, by using your Gmail account. Learn how to do that by following the link from above.
  • Use Clockworkmod recovery for backing up the current ROM. You can use it in case if the CM 7 can’t be flashed properly.
  • Use the handset’s SD card or a computer for saving any other files.

Finally, for being able to install CM 7 on your Photon you should make sure that Clockworkmod recovery custom recovery image is flashed and working on the same. If not, complete this task first. Also, charge the smartphone and uninstall the antivirus tools installed on it, or on your computer. The PC is required for storing the files which you will have to download. Now, you can finally get to work. Follow the steps and don’t do things on your own.

How to Install Official Cyanogenmod 7 on Motorola Photon 4G

  1. Download the CM 7 ROM for your device from here and save it to the computer.
  2. Also, get the Google app for here; this will install apps like Market, Gmail, etc which are not included in the firmware.
  3. Now connect the phone with the PC and copy the files downloaded before on its SD card. Don’t place them to deep, as you will have to use them a little bit later.
  4. Disconnect the device.
  5. Reboot it in recovery mode.
  6. Don’t forget to backup the current ROM (see the tips from above).
  7. Then, return on the recovery menu and select to do a full wipe: “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  8. As soon as you complete this, select the following: “choose zip from sdcard” and pick the files copied on step 3; take the ROM file first and then do the same for the Google apps.
  9. Confirm.
  10. Wait until the installation finishes.
  11. Finally, select “go back” and “reboot system now”.

Now, the Motorola Photon 4G should boot in Cyanogenmod 7 mode. Don’t worry as from now on the CM team will announce you when a new update will be made available for your device. Be aware that the WiMax is not working for the Sprint variant of the Photon yet, but the problem will be resolved in the shortest time possible by the developers. Also, feel free to talk with us for any kinds of issues (use the comments section from below) and we will do our best in order to help you out.

Mehboob Hanif · 4 years ago

i always get sent error .. 500

Mehboob Hanif · 4 years ago

how to get text message sent work cynogenmode..?
and there is no sms setting in 4.1 jb cynogenmode .. i need to change message center number.. but there is no setting in motorola photon 4g.
i need urgent help..1 please help me asap.

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