HTC released its Amaze 4G in October last year, when the Ice Cream Sandwich OS update was promised for a “soon to come” event. But, so far there aren’t words, or even rumors about a possible OS improvement, at least not an official one, leaving the Amaze users only with the old “bitter” taste of Gingerbread. Therefore, if you just can’t wait no more, you can learn how to install a custom ROM, such as Cyanogenmod 9, into your phone’s internal system. Of course this will bring the Android 4.0 for you, so let’s see what it’s all about.

Due to the fact that HTC isn’t planning to update your device, you can choose to flash the Cyanogenmod 9 firmware on it. In this way, the HTC Amaze 4G OS will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich and its performances will be improved, as a custom ROM is always coming with features and capabilities that are not included in the default version of the software. It’s true that you won’t be able to experience the classic version of the ICS, but the CM 9 interface will be even better.

That’s why, during this step by step guide we will be checking the easiest way in which you can learn how to update your Amaze 4G by installing the CM 9 (Cyanogenmod 9) custom ROM on it. The process is not hard to complete, though you have to prepare some things first; but we will discuss about this a little bit later. Now, you must proceed with this operation if you want to unchain the system of your handset, or if you want to customize or optimize the OS. Also, the battery life will be improved and you will gain more speed and control over your smartphone.

We know that the Amaze specs are quite impressive, with its dual core 1.5 GHz Scorpion processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 MP dual LED flash camera, 16 GB of storage memory and the 4.3 inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen, but why not to take full advantage of all of these? Well, now you can, as the CM 9 features and capabilities will offer you this opportunity.

Remember that the ROM has nothing to do with HTC. Furthermore, if you apply the same you will void the HTC warranty. In case you damage your phone, nobody is going to help you through. So, be careful in what you do and always follow a tutorial like this one; don’t do things on your own. Also, don’t apply this procedure for other handsets because it was designed to suit only the Amaze 4G. Another thing to do before starting to flash Cyanogenmod 9 is to backup the data stored on your device. You will have to perform a full wipe, so the messages, contacts, Market apps and so on will be erased. For the backup check:

As stated before, you must make some preparations. Read what you have to do from the list; after you make through the tasks explained there you can resume the rest of this guide.

  • You will have to use a computer for saving the files needed and for transferring them on the phone.
  • On the PC and phone uninstall the security programs.
  • Charge your handset. It needs at least 60% of battery power in order to stay “alive”.
  • On the Amaze, go on “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”. Enable the USB Debugging option.
  • The Amaze 4G must have S-Off, needs to be rooted and must have a custom recovery image (preferable ClockworkMod recovery) preinstalled.

The ROM was tested on an Amaze handset by those of xda-developers, who reported that there were some issues with the camera, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but don’t worry as the CM team will update the firmware for resolving these problems. You can now start the proper operation.

How to Update HTC Amaze 4G to ICS by Flashing Cyanogenmod 9

  1. Download the ROM from here and save the file on your computer.
  2. Also get the Google apps from here on the same PC; you can place it on the same folder as CM 9.
  3. Connect the device with the computer via its USB cable.
  4. Copy the files downloaded in step 1 and 2 from the PC to the phone’s SD card.
  5. Turn off the smartphone.
  6. Boot into Clockworkmod recovery mode.
  7. You can choose to backup the system; in case you don’t like the new firmware you can restore the older one. From the recovery menu just select “Backup and Restore” followed by “Backup”.
  8. Return to the recovery menu.
  9. Select “wipe data/factory reset” and then “wipe cache” for performing a full wipe (this is why you need to first backup the data stored on your smartphone).
  10. Now, you need to select the files you want to apply. So, tap on “install zip from sdcard” followed by “choose zip from sdcard”. Select the CM 9 file and click “ok”.
  11. When finished do the same thing for the Google apps.
  12. In the end you will be back on the recovery menu.
  13. Select “reboot system now” for ending the procedure.

Congratulations, the Cyanogenmod 9 along with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS is now running on your HTC Amaze 4G handset. Do tell us how the firmware is working on your phone, or if there were issues during the update operation. In this way we will be able to help you resolve the possible problems.

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