The stock Android Lollipop system can be easily restored or installed on your new Motorola Moto E. As we all know, the second gen. of Moto E comes pre loaded with Lollipop, which means that you will be able to enjoy the latest Android release right of the box. However, since we are talking about the Android system, you can easily manage to software brick your phone or to damage the Lollipop firmware. Well, if that happens, or for any other similar reasons, you will have to find a way to restore the stock OS back to your Moto E 2015. Thus, in that matter, you should check the guidelines from below.

First of all, I should clarify things up for you. You need to know that this guide might become vital for you and for your new Moto E. The guidelines from below can be anytime used as a troubleshoot solution, as you can restore stock Android OS for fixing various software related issues or for unbricking your Android device. Moreover, manually installing default Lollipop system comes with other advantages too, as now you can revoke root access or replace a buggy custom ROM that isn’t working smoothly on your Moto E 2015.

Bottom line, learning how to downgrade your Moto E back to stock Lollipop firmware is a must, especially if you are an advanced Android user who is planning in tweaking his smartphone by completing operations such as: ensuring root access, removing bloatware, installing custom recovery images, updating with custom ROMs (like CM12, AOKP, or Paranoid Android), overclocking your Android device and so on. All these custom operations can issue different problems like boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, alerts, battery drain, heating problems, screen freeze or total blackouts. Well, all these issues can be easily addressed by flashing stock Android OS.

This guide can be applied thanks to those of xda-developers who have successfully made available the stock Lollipop firmware for the second gen. of Motorola Moto E. Do note that you are about to perform an official update operation, though the installation process is complex and indicated only for advanced users – if you mess things up, you can brick your smartphone, so be careful when applying the guides from below. Thus, the warranty of your smartphone will not get void while you take care of the following guidelines.

Moreover, as already pointed out, you can now retain root access from your Moto E 2015. Revoking root access is a dedicated operation that restores your phone back to its initial state. On a locked phone you can receive OTAs once again and you can also enjoy a pure and default Android experience. Therefore, use this tutorial every time you want or need to unroot your Moto E or when you need to troubleshoot your Android based smartphone.

Before applying the steps from below and before manually installing stock Android OS on your new Moto E, complete a backup and save your personal data, info and accounts that are located on the internal storage memory of your phone. Do the backup as while you downgrade your device back to stock, a wipe might occur. Well, as you can already tell, in that case, you will lose everything that’s important for you. So, use backup and restore apps and cloud storage platforms and save your contacts, call logs, text messages, internet settings, market apps, images, videos, audio files, saved passwords and so on.

Then, make sure that you can use a computer, as this is after all a manual update procedure – your Moto E 2015 and your phone’s USB cable must be near you too. On your computer temporarily deactivate antivirus and similar programs as the security protection might interfere with the tools you are about to use. A connection between your smartphone and your computer will have to be established; for making things in the right way, now, on your phone, enable USB debugging option by heading towards “menu – settings – developer options” (first gain developer rights by going to “menu – settings – about phone – tap several times on built number”).

An update or downgrade process like this one is complex and completing it will take a few minutes. That’s why you should charge your Moto E before doing anything else; or at least, check the battery status on your phone as if the battery power left is less than 50%, the charging process becomes a must (your handset might get bricked if it gets turned off in the middle of the installation process).

This tutorial is compatible only with the 2015 model of the Motorola Moto E. The stock Lollipop firmware from below is the ROM that’s pre installed on the mentioned device and it cannot be used on other Android based smartphones or tablets.

Manually Install Stock Lollipop OS on Moto E 2015

  1. On your computer navigate towards this page and download stock Android OS for new Moto E.
  2. Unzip the firmware file on desktop.
  3. Also, on your computer download the minimal ADB and Fastboot package from here.
  4. Unzip the minimal ADB and Fastboot package and copy the resulted files on the same folder with the firmware file.
  5. Now reboot your Moto E 2015 in bootloader mode.
  6. Connect your smartphone with your computer by plugging in the USB cable.
  7. Navigate towards the firmware folder and from there open a command prompt window: press and hold Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space.
  8. In the cmd window, enter the commands displayed in the following image.                                                                                moto e stock firmware
  9. Press and enter in the end and then type “mfastboot.exe reboot”.
  10. If your device isn’t rebooting, or if it gets stuck in a boot loop, enter bootloader mode once more and open the command prompt window again; then type: “mfastboot.exe erase cache”; “mfastboot.exe erase userdata” and “mfastboot.exe reboot”.
  11. In the end, unplug the USB cord and enjoy.

So, there you have it; that’s how you can restore your new Motorola Moto E back to stock Lollipop OS. Do tell us how things worked for you by using the comments field from below.

Karthick Pandiyan · 3 years ago

mine is 2014 model, how do I flash?

Rodrigo · 4 years ago

ME AJUDEM POR FAVOR SE VCS ME RESPONDEREM EU SEI Q ESSE SITE É DE BOA QUALIDADE!!! Eu fiz o processo tudo direitinho mas o chip não funciona mais ,,ME AJUDEM

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