SuperSU is a small tool that is perfect for those users that have a inner desire to get maximum performance out of their Android smartphones and tablets.

Rooting is the process that allows and confers privileged control ( root access )over the Android's subsystem. After you have rooted your Android device, you will have root access and the root permissions are usually controlled and managed via 3rd party application, like the SuperUser by ChainsDD. However, there is another app that is similar to SuperUser only that this one is called SuperSU and it has been developed by Chainfire, who is a well known Android developer.

It has been said that the SuperSU app is way better than SuperUser and you can use it to improve the superuser control over Android smartphones and tablets. Every single file of Superuser has been improved or so it says the developer, but those who are beginners cannot tell the different between these apps, but most users that are part of the Android developer community praised the SuperSU app and you should try to work with it to see for yourself if indeed is better than the Superuser.

SuperSU offers enhanced access to logging, notifications and other subsystem options which allows you to configure notifications for all programs and applications. It allows you to unroot the smartphones and tablets, which helps users open and work with non-root-only apps like the Google Videos app.

You can download the SuperSU application free edition from Google Play Store. Also, you can choose to download the SuperSU PRO edition which contains OTA Survival Mode feature that the app uses and forces an OTA update to work and not remove root access, color coded input, PIN protection, color coded output and error command content logging. For this app to work you will need to root the Android smartphone/ tablet and only after that you can install SuperSU to manage the root permissions.

For those users that are currently using the Superuser app and are concerned that the SuperSU won't work, then should stop worrying because after your install SuperSU, the Superuser has its root permissions revoked.

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