Do you want to control the Android UI that runs by default on your Honor Play? If you’re ready to customize, optimize and personalize your device and if you are also ready to apply a few tweaks for bumping speeds and upgrading battery life, then you must first complete the operation that’s detailed below. We will be showing you how to set up TWRP recovery on your Honor Play, which is a must when discussing about tweaking opportunities and initiatives. So, for further info on this subject don’t hesitate and read all the following guidelines.

TWRP recovery is a custom recovery image designed to work on the Android platform. A custom recovery software will replace the stock recovery that runs by default on your Honor Play. The advantage of using a custom recovery environment is that you can have full control over the Android UI without worrying about restrictions. That’s why, once TWRP recovery is installed you can easily gain root access and initiate various other tweaks in order to improve general performance on your device.

TWRP recovery also brings a touch-based interface and extremely useful and intuitive options. So, it’s easier than ever to use a custom recovery environment on your Honor Play – hopefully, even if you are on your first tweaking experience you will be able to easily operate the TWRP recovery user interface.

Anyway, as tweaking opportunities, here is what you can perform on your device once this tutorial is completed: you can flash a root exploit and grant root access on your Honor Play; you can remove bloatware or / and start up programs; you can install features that cannot be found on the stock Android OS; you can flash apps from other sources than Google Play; you can update your smartphone with custom ROMs including platforms like Lineage OS, AOKP or Paranoid Android; you can make Nandroid backups for saving the Android system; you can overclock your Android device and so much more.

But, replacing the stock recovery image with TWRP recovery cannot be an official operation and it isn’t since the custom recovery app is developed by third party devs and cannot be associated with Google or with your OEM – shortly, you are going to lose your phone’s warranty if you resume the guidelines from below. The warranty flag can be restored only if you choose to reinstall the stock Android OS, situation during which your device will be restored back to its factory state.

Moreover, an unlocked bootloader is required as otherwise the stock recovery image cannot be replaced. Thus, before going any further learn how to unlock the Honor Play bootloader (our step by step guide will help you in that regard).

Backup your Honor Play before doing anything else. You have to secure what’s important for you as otherwise you can end up in losing personal data, info, accounts or files – a wipe might be performed while TWRP recovery is being flashed. So, choose to sync your data with your Google Account or use any other backup and restore solution you prefer: download and use backup and restore apps from Google Play, use an external storage device, or use built-in Huawei cloud storage services. Of course, on your way don’t forget to save what’s essential for you: text messages, call logs, contacts entry, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, IMEI / NVRAM data and so on.

A computer must be used during the flashing procedure from below. There you have to install your Honor Play drivers as otherwise your handset won’t be recognized while you will try to set up the TWRP recovery package. Furthermore, on the same computer you have to install Android SDK and you can do that by following one of our dedicated tutorials: learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or learn to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.

On your Honor Play make sure that you can access Developer Options from General Settings. If you can’t, go to About Phone and start tapping repeatedly on Built Number until the ‘you are a developer’ message shows up (that should happen after 7 or 10 repeated taps).

Next, from Developer Options you have to check the USB Debugging feature – otherwise you might have problems while trying to connect your device with your computer.

And it is recommended to verify the battery status bar on your Honor Play before starting to do anything else. If the power displayed is lower than 50% you should plug in the charger as otherwise your phone might get turned off while you try to apply the TWRP recovery custom recovery image. A sudden shut down can cause different malfunctions so if you’re not careful enough you can even end up in soft-bricking your Android based device.

Of course, choose to apply the next steps only if you own the Honor Play as the custom recovery image that’s mentioned during this step by step guide is compatible only with the already mentioned smartphone. Thus, try not to mess things up from this perspective.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Honor Play

  1. Start by downloading the TWRP recovery package that’s compatible with your Honor Play. Just access this page and save the custom recovery package on desktop.
  2. Then, rename the file into 'recovery.img' and transfer it inside the Android SDK folder.
  3. From Android SDK folder open a cmd window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key and right-click on any blank space; when done select ‘open command prompt window here’.
  4. Switch on your Honor Play and connect your device with your computer with the help of the USB cable.
  5. In the cmd window type ‘adb devices’ and press Enter. Your phone must be recognized by your computer – if it is, then its IMEI number will be displayed in cmd; if not, reinstall your phone’s drivers before repeating this step.
  6. In the same cmd window also execute ‘adb reboot bootloader’ in order to boot fastboot mode on your handset.
  7. And, flash the TWRP recovery image by entering this command: fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk recovery.img.
  8. TWRP recovery should be automatically installed on your Honor Play.
  9. When done, close the cmd window, remove the USB cable and reboot your device.
  10. That’s all.

There you have it. The steps explained above will help you install TWRP recovery on your Honor Play so hopefully now you can boot your smartphone into a custom recovery image and use this custom environment for initiating various tweaks and customizations. If you don’t know how to enter your Android device into recovery mode, don’t panic as we’ve got you covered – you can, in that regard, use this step by step guide. Do tell us how everything worked for you and tell us what kind of tweaks do you prefer to apply next – stay close as we will also show you how to easily and quickly root your Honor Play. Enjoy.

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