Earlier today I've told you that you can install Ubuntu on Droid 4 and now some guys from xda, greekchampion04, zacthespack and zeroktal, managed to release a working tutorial guide that helps users install an unofficial Ubuntu build on Motorola Droid 4. Now, if you're eager to give it a test run then you should follow the instructions listed in this article.

Android allows installation of different OS and this what makes it so great, as you can easily run a multiple interfaces on smartphones and because of the xda forum member, greekchampion04, now you are able to use a VNC client to apply Ubuntu on your Droid 4 device. A couple of other users have worked on the ubuntu installation tool and boot script to edit its functions in order to be supported on your smartphone. In order to successfully apply these changes you need to be an advanced user that knows what a root is and how to work with command line and vi commands. Before moving to the tutorial guide you need to know that your D4 device has to be rooted, otherwise the utilities listed here cannot be applied. Some applications needed need to be downloaded from Google's Play Store; all of them are free.

Here's what tools you need before starting to install Ubuntu on your Motorola Droid 4 device:

Now that you know what tools you need, it is time to move to the tutorial guide and learn how to successfully apply the Ubuntu installation on your Motorola Droid 4. Here's the steps-by-step tutorial guide:

Step 1. First you need to install the BusyBox, Android VNC Viewer and the Terminal Emulator on your device.

Step 2. Now install and then launch the Ubuntu Installer application.

Step 3. Follow all the actions that are displayed on your phone's display.

Step 4. Now you need the zeroktal's ubuntud4.zip file to download. Please note that this might take while because the file is huge and when that image completes then you should move to the next step.

Step 5. The instructions now are different for applications. Apply all the changes listed below:

  • A. Motorola Droid 4 need to be connect to your compute with the USB Mass Storage enabled.
  • B. Create a folder titled 'ubuntu' on its External sdcard root.
  • C. Extract the zip file you downloaded at Step 4 in the 'ubuntu' folder.
  • D. Now download and extract the '.sh' attached file to that file.
  • E. Disconnect the Droid 4 from your computer.
  • F. Launch Terminal and enter the following command lines:
    • su [ENTER]
      mount -o remount,rw,exec,suid /dev/block/vold/179:1 /mnt/sdcard-ext [ENTER]
      cd /mnt/sdcard-ext/ubuntu [ENTER]
      sh ubuntud4.sh [ENTER]
      960×540 [ENTER]
    • In case you receive an error that says ' ubuntud4.sh: 45: syntax error: end of file unexpected' then you need to enter the following command lines:
    • su [ENTER]
      cd /mnt/sdcard-ext/ubuntu [ENTER]
      vi ubuntud4.sh [ENTER]
    • Now, if everything worked you will have to add these lines :
    • killall -TERM Xtightvnc [ENTER]
      vncserver :1 -geometry 960x540 [ENTER]
  • G. Now, launch the Android VNC applications and enter these:
    • for Nickname enter any title you wish.
    • For Password set 'ubuntu' as code.
    • for Address enter 'localhost'
    • for Port enter '5901'
    • for Color Format enter '24-bit color (4bpp)
  • I.Press Connect and then press hte menu soft key and enable the input mode to touchpad.
  • J. That's it, now the Ubuntu OS has been successfully installed on your Motorola Droid 4.

Since you've learned how to install Ubuntu, now you need to learn how to shut it down.

  • Hit the menu button and choose the disconnect from VNC.
  • When in terminal you need to enter this command three times and then Ubuntu will close: exit [ENTER]

In order to load and power ON Ubuntu you will need to follow the instructions listed under 'STEP 5' from 'F to I' bullet point lines. If you have any other questions please use the comments section to post them.


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