The latest customized Gingerbread firmware update for your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 has been launched and in this article you will learn how to successfully install the XXLA6 build on it. This is a brand new version of the XXLA6 firmware and if you're familiar with installing new Android OS editions then you can easily follow all the instructions listed in this tutorial guide.

Samsung Galaxy Note has been launched in October 2011 and it runs on Android, obviously. It has been labeled as a smartphone and tablet computer because it features a very large screen along with the stylus that helps users interact much more easily with its functions and applications. This device proved to be a huge success as it managed to sell big and it can be easily edited with help from customized updates like the XXLA6 Gingerbread. The current edition of the XXLA6 build for Android 2.3.6 comes with several enhancements and bug fixes that should make your device's OS much more stable and error-free. The official update for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 hasn't been launched yet worldwide, though in Europe an official release was launched already. This means that if you're based in the US then you should use the instructions in this post as you will easily learn how to install the new customized XXLA6 Gingerbread 2.3.6 on your Galaxy Note N7000.

By applying the changes listed in this article you won't root the device, which also means that you will not be losing the warranty. In case your device is rooted, then by installing the Gingerbread update here then it will revoke the rooting access and your warranty will be restored. Before starting the updating process you need to backup all your data in case something goes wrong and I'm sure that you wouldn't want to lose any of the pictures, videos or any other files that you consider to be important. Also, make sure to charge your Galaxy Note before starting to apply the update. Make sure that the battery level is at least at 70% so that the device won't power Off during the firmware updating process. Now that you know all this, it is time to move to the first step of the tutorial guide. Please follow all the instructions listed so that everything will go smooth and all the changes will be successfully applied and your device will boot into XXLA6 Gingerbread Android 2.3.6 update.

Update your Galaxy Note N7000 with the Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware using the steps listed below:

  1. Download the XXLA6 Firmware bundle and save it on your PC desktop.
  2. When the download is complete you need to extract the files in a single folder and move to the next step.
  3. Launch Odin.
  4. Enable the USB Debugging mode from your Galaxy Note's settings menu. Do it by opening Settings, then Application and then Development and here you should notice the USB debugging which needs to be ticked.
  5. Turn OFF the Galaxy Note.
  6. Now we need to enter download mode. When the phone is switched off you need to press the Volume Down key and the menu button. While you're holding these buttons pressed you need to press Power and then it should launch the Download mode.
  7. When in download mode you need to connect the Galaxy Note to your PC. Odin should still be running on your PC. Wait at least one minute until Odin displays the ID:COM which means that all the drivers have been successfully installed and you can move on to the next step. In case the Galaxy Note cannot complete the connected then you need to go to Settings, then Wireless and Network and open USB Settings. Select the Samsung KIES option and then retry to connect the device with the PC. This should make the ID:COM box to turn yellow.
  8. When in download mode, click PDA to select the file you downloaded at step file. The file that you need to select is named: N7000XXLA6_N7000OXXLA1_N7000XXLA4_HOME.tar.md5.
  9. Click Start and in about four minutes you should notice that the firmware has been applied and your Galaxy Note should restart.
  10. When the phone opens its home screen menu, you need to disconnect the device and turn it off also. We will need to enter recovery mode now.
  11. Enter recovery remove and select the options that are listed as: 'Wipe data/factory reset ' and 'Wipe Cache partition'.
  12. Now reboot the device by selecting the option that says 'reboot system now'. All the cache files will be removed.
  13. After the reboot is complete, the Galaxy Note opens that home menu and to verify that indeed the correct firmware has been applied go to Settings, then About Phone and select Firmware Version. It should say XXLA6 Android 4.0.3 firmware.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to correctly apply the new firmware update on your device. In case the firmware version listed in the About Phone menu doesn't match the one I've listed at step 13, then you should tells us by posting in the comments box. Also, if you can't complete the tutorial or you find some steps hard to understand then ask us for help in the comments and you will receive support from our team.

rohan · 4 years ago

where is the file

aleoz · 6 years ago

File is not available in this link...

Saori Hara · 6 years ago

do i need to do it on PDA, CSC or Phone? do i need to check the box?

Sab · 6 years ago

I'm getting the error: Complete(Write) operation failed.

How can I fix this?

Alex Dumitru · 6 years ago

Did you try multiple times ? Also make sure that you did everything right.

Sab · 6 years ago

Yes, I made sure I went through each step carefully. I have tried about 5-6 times already. Could it be the baseband version that's not letting me update??

Alex Dumitru · 6 years ago

Do you have i9220 baseband ? This can be very problematic. I suggest you to try this guide:

I hope you will be more successful by using it. Please let me know if it doesn't work.

temka · 7 years ago

i forget step 4 ... my phone loading hidden.img file very long time... loading loading

sandossu · 7 years ago

When does this happen ? Does your phone still work, can you boot into it ?

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