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iPhone 6 Reportedly Coming with 5-inch Display, Large Screens Aren’t “Oversized, Awkward, and Hard To Use” Anymore?

Apple and the Apple fanboys have always mocked the competition’s products for having “ridiculously” big displays. For five years in a row Apple claimed that 3.5 inches is the ideal size for a smartphone display, then it launched the iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display. Magically, the 3.5 inch was no longer the ideal size for displays, because the 4-inch display was “designed the right way: it’s bigger, but it’s the same width as iPhone 4S.” Really?

You’ve all seen the new iPhone 5, which is basically a taller 4S with an improved processor and aluminium casing. Really, John Ivy? I wonder what you do with so much spare time. But we are not here to mock the iPhone 5 and its silly improvements introduced as major and revolutionary features. We are here to talk about Apple’s plans in the smartphone segment and how they are starting to realize they have fallen behind their Android rivals.

In December Jefferies analyst Peter Misek wrote that Apple is testing several iPhone 6 prototypes with 4.8-inch displays and quad-core processors. These specs remind me of a Galaxy S3, but that’s a whole different story. At that time we though that that can’t be possible for Apple, a company that constantly said that their smartphones can be handled with just one hand.

But CNet informed on Thursday, quoting post by a Sina Tech user called Old Yao, saying that Apple is reportedly planning a 5-inch iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 spotted at a supplier is wider and longer than the iPhone 5. This sounds to me like Apple will “go large for large’s sake, you end up with a phone that feels oversize, awkward, and hard to use.” This quote is from Apple’s official website that ridicules the Android smartphones with big displays, saying that iPhone 5’s 4-inch Retina Display that “it’s just right.”

Moreover, when HTC launched the Tegra 3-powered One X and Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S3 will come with the Exynos 4 Quad processor, all the Apple fanboys screamed in one voice “you don’t need quad-core processors inside a smartphone.” From now on they will love the quad-core processors, because Apple will “revolutionize them,” and because Apple will tell them to.

Apple and its supporters have always bragged that the iOS is smooth, stable and it lacks fragmentation. While Android is becoming smoother and more stable than ever, Apple’s iOS is starting to taste the fragmentation. The iPhone 5 is available on the market for almost 6 month now, and there are still a lot of apps that aren’t optimized for the new 640 x 1,136 pixels resolution of the new terminal. What will happen when the iPhone 6 and it’s 5-inch display hits the market?

If the iPhone 6 gets a 5-inch display, this will push the iOS fragmentation even further. Of course, Apple is capable of keeping its operating system’s fragmentation to a lower level, because it only has to optimize it through a range of only 10 – 20 devices, in compassion with Android which is currently running on hundreds of device models. But as its products will evolve due company’s attempts to catch up with the competition, the fragmentation in iOS will grow even more.

Let’s be honest and face it: Apple is currently falling behind its rivals and the company’s officials are aware of it. Most customers (even Apple’s loyal fans) are casting glances at the 4.5+ inch displays of the competition, that’s why Apple is trying to get them back with new iOS-powered smartphones with “oversized, awkward and hard to use” displays, because that’s the standard and that’s what the public wants. So, Apple are you admitting that all your marketing behind “one handed” smartphones was a huge lie?

Even Steve Wozniak, the charismatic Apple co-founder and close friend of Steve Jobs, said that Apple is starting to lose ground on the smartphone segment. Apple has stagnated, while its direct competitors are bringing better products on the market, with new features which can’t be found inside Apple’s products.

In an interview for a German publication, Woz said that “currently we [Apple] are in my opinion somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business. Others have caught up. Samsung is a big competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products.”

Apple lovers always claim their beloved Apple was first in the smartphone marketplace. The Model T Ford was the first car but I’m sure not going to drive one. There are much better cars and much better phones!

The iPhone is NOT the best smartphone in the world and hasn’t been for a while now. It’s lacking so many things that other real smartphones have. Plus iOS has stagnated so much it’s beyond belief! So dated and tacky visually! And you can’t even change the visual look of iOS! Android offers so much more flexibility in all areas. The fact that you invent something doesn’t mean that you magically stay ahead of competition forever. If your competitors have catch up with you and you don’t do anything they will get ahead of you, no matter if you invented the game.

Apple has been too busy suing everyone for everything, and getting silly patents (shop layouts) and naturally the competition is getting ahead of them. They still do great phones, of course they do and so does Samsung, HTC, etc…

Apple has consistently failed to innovate in new releases of iPhone other than changing shape and adding features to keep it up to step with the rest of the market. There is no longer an ‘wow’ factor to the iPhone, and it’s now why Android is getting a larger market share.

Do you think that Apple will launch a 5-inch smartphone? Is the Cupertino-based company falling behind the competition? Please let us know in the comments area below.