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Jelly Bean OTA Update Released for Motorola Razr HD on Rogers and Fido

The Rogers Motorola Razr HD users are hardly waiting for the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to be made available, as the firmware has been recently delayed for early February. This is what we all know, or at least knew because the latest news are offering important info about the OTA update; apparently and according to our sources, some users had already received the Jelly Bean OS on their Razr HD, though the software hasn’t been confirmed by Rogers yet. Furthermore, the same is happening on the Fido version of the Razr HD, as some users reported that they had OTA applied the Jelly Bean platform on their handsets.

So, finally the Android 4.1 flavor had arrived to the Motorola Razr HD smartphones. Anyway, remember that Rogers and Fido haven’t confirmed the release and on their official webpage the OTA update is still having a February date tagged.

So, what could this mean? Is it only a mistake or the carriers decided to launch the firmware earlier than announced? Either way, we can now be sure that the Motorola Razr HD users on Rogers and Fido will be able to enjoy the latest Android system, this without any further delays.

Of course, not all the customers will be able to receive and apply the Jelly Bean OTA update on the Razr HD on the same time because the ROM will be launched on phases. But, you should periodically check for upgrades on your phone as who knows, maybe you will be luckier than others.

Also, you can manually flash the OS, but only by using a suitable tutorial which will take you through the installation procedure. We will come with such a guide soon, so stay close. Don’t forget that meantime you can apply a Jelly Bean based custom ROM on your Razr HD by using one of our how to guides, so don’t hesitate and use the same.

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