After two brand new Droid models launched on Verizon camp this year, Motorola seems to be up on speed working on a new Droid smartphone-tablet model, moniked Fighter.

The saucy named new Motorola Droid can not be considered news, as we have leaked photos to share with you good people.  Previously just a screenshot was available on the web-o-sphere, showing the then just rumoured new Android device.

The new Motorola Droid Fighter will be available in selected Verizon stores starting April 12.

As you know, Motorola was acquired by Google. This gave way to high hopes from most Android lovers that changes will take place. To be more specific, that up-coming devices from Motorola will benefit from the newest and baddest OS updates. Hence my hope that the Motorola Droid Fighter will be powered by the deliciously named Ice Cream Sandwich Android version.

The pictures originates from a post on the PHONE HK forum. As you can notice the design follows in the footsteps of the thinnest phone in the world (at least at the time it was launched), the Razr, that hit the market in November 2011. Of course, the Razr Max soon followed with improved battery life and heat dispersion at the cost of  a thicker case. The new Droid Fighter comes with am impressive 4.6-inch display, with HD capabilities. If you have a phone too large for any pockets (except from rapper-standard hand-gobblers), at least you should be able to watch HD movies on it, am I right?

Speaking of the new Ice Cream Sandwich, potentially debuting with the Motorola Droid Fighter Android new comer, any official news of when a larger-scale update is due from Google? Not really, Q2-ish of this year is the last information Google has revealed on the Android developer site.


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