With modern smartphones nowadays (and any decently-sized device, for that matter of fact), touching and tap is the way you input mostly. This may pose challenges for left handed people, fact that is undoubtedly more pronounced, but luckily also correctable, than in the past times with button-based phones.

Left hand users may greatly benefit from the tips below, especially when using the device with one hand, during those busy weekday rushes or, why not, whilst walking in the park with the girlfriend who just loves to hold your hand. Android.gs won't let you down, gotta keep the girl happy!

Without further ado, make sure you activated CyanogemMod ROM on your faithful Android device, otherwise part of the options presented below may be missing from your device's menu. Afterwards, have your Android device close at hand (yes, your LEFT, woo-hoo!) and proceed

1. Enable the Left Hand Mode

If you are a left hand user, you might tend to hold the phone towards your left ear while speaking everytime. While most of the phones have their proximity sensor designed in such a way that they work the most efficiently when held against the left, the main reason for this is how they have been programmed to use by the software. This can be fixed with a small option change in the menu.

Go to Settings in the Android menu > check Left-Hand mode. Reboot the device for this to take effect. You will feel the difference next time you're on a call.

2.  Switch screen orientation

What do you love most about Android, as on OS? The pure bad ass smartness and the wide tweak possibilities, of course! All Android (or any modern handheld device, actually) automatically rotates the display mode to portrait/landscape as you rotate your device.

However, the direction is defaulted to rotate at can be difficult for left hand users, as the apps and/or options that list on the display have the actions buttons (such as the scroll bar, the enable/disable button, and so forth) on the right side.

Cyanogen boosted Android offers a solution. Go to Settings on the device > Sound and Display settings> Orientation (if you don't see this option, install the Cyanogen MOD). Here, the options available are from 90 to 360 degrees. You can choose 270 degrees or 180 degrees as per your convenience and the setting gets saved permanently. While this tip  just helps in scrolling while on a different orientation, it matters a lot to use the phone just like how a left handed user would when it is in the normal mode without any orientation change.

We hope this article will help you if you're asking "how to improve my Android usage if I am left handed?"




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