Lenovo’s sub-brand ZUK might be axed very soon. Analyst Pan Jiutang has confirmed that Lenovo plans to kill the ZUK brand within the next few weeks. Jiutang revealed the info while responding to a Weibo post made by user @Old Cool, who claimed that the ZUK Z3 would not be launched. The company was formed in 2015 and launched its first smartphone, the ZUK Z1, in August that year. It went on to release a few other smartphones such as the Z2 PRO, Z2, and the most recent ZUK Edge.

While we will not be seeing any new ZUK smartphones in the future, Lenovo did recently confirm that it will be using ZUK’s ZUI custom UI layer in upcoming Moto smartphones in the Chinese market. Going forward, all future smartphones from Lenovo and Motorola are going to be branded as “Lenovo Moto”.

While Pan Jiutang did not give out any specific reasons behind the move, it is likely that Lenovo is closing the ZUK brand as it has been struggling in the smartphone market for a few quarters now. Its position among the top global smartphone vendors has dropped since it took over Motorola’s handset business in the year 2014. Motorola, under Lenovo, hasn’t been able to pull in much money at all, and has in fact weighed in on the company’s own smartphone division. By killing the ZUK brand and integrating Lenovo and Moto brands together, Lenovo is probably hoping that it will be turn things around finally.

For 2017, Lenovo Moto certainly has a great lineup of smartphones in store for us. Joining the Moto G5 and G5 Plus will be the new Moto E4 series and the budget Moto C series handsets. Positioned higher than the G-series will be the Moto X-series, making a comeback after two years. The flagship line will comprise of the Moto Z2 series, featuring the same modular concept as the last year’s models.


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