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LG Optimus G: 13MP camera hits the spotlight

After announcing the existence of Optimus G, LG is promoting their superphone as much as they can before letting it go on the market. We could see LG Optimus G analyzed by its next generations of Lithium-Polymer battery, then by is Display with the “True HD IPS Plus and G2 Touch Hybrid Display”, and now they concentrate on the Camera, which is quite an interesting aspect of the superphone.

So, what is it so special about this camera? Well, beside the fact that it has an impressive amount of MP, it’s mounted on an ultra-slim smartphone, which means that each part of the camera had to be reduced to micro-size, and well,  that’s what we call precision.

The concept was developed by LG Innotek and it has the largest amount of mega pixels on a smartphone, and you can see how that was possible in the video below where LG engineers are explaining the technology behind the ultra slim camera module.

If we take the 13 MP camera and combine it with the G2 Touch Hybrid Display, we can easily figure out that LG Optimus G raised above any other smartphone which was already released on the market.

However, is it enough to make it a successful smartphone, or it will be remembered as the first smartphone to bring this new technology? We’ll see, but until then, I guess there will be some other promo videos until LG will finally decide to make Optimus G available.

Other interesting features mentioned in this promo are: time machine camera, smart shutter and voice activated shooting