Here goes another round of rumors about LG Optimus G2, the alleged flagship of the South Korean company that was supposed to go against Samsung's Galaxy S4.

While the first rumors that appeared back in November were indicating that the successor of LG Optimus G will be a competitor for Galaxy S4, a new piece of information shows that LG is planning a way bigger terminal, therefore the LG Optimus G2 might be a competitor for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - the popular Android-powered phablet with HD 5.5-inch display and highly-appreciated for its performance and battery life.

According to the Korean publication Asiae, LG Optimus G2 will pack a 5.5-inch display, with full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The same source also claims that LG Optimus G2 will come pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Underneath the case with an minimalist, but elegant design, Optimus G2 will reportedly hide a Snapdragon S4 Prime SoC developed by Qualcomm, packing 4 cores clocked at 2 GHz. The phablet will also come with support for 4G LTE networks and two impressive cameras one on the front panel and one on the back.

Until LG Optimus G2 will be officially announced, during an event scheduled for 2013, the South Korea-based phone maker hopes that the end of 2012 will bring positive sales figures for it, with over 35 million smartphone units shipped world wide and incomes to match the sales.

According to the report posted by LG, over 10 million smartphones belonging to the Optimus L line-up (Optimus L9, L7, L5, and L3) were sold so far, but the figures for the entire LG range were not officially posted so fare, therefore we can't know yet whether LG has reached the 35 million shipped units milestone.

According to the rumor mill, LG Optimis G2 will not hit the store shelves sooner than May 2013, therefore, the Asian company still has a lot of time ahead to carefully work on its next flagship smartphone.

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