LG didn't manage to grab a big piece of the Android smartphone marketplace and this might be due their UI. They have been struggling hard by releasing a plethora of Android powered devices, but none of them performed very well and they only managed to sell lower-end devices, while the high-end market is dominated by Samsung and HTC.

But now LG tries to become a better competitor and they just announced the Optimus UI 3.0, which should improve their smartphones user experience. The LG Optimus UI 3.0 is designed for Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and they market it as "unobtrusive and simple."

Some features that LG is talking about include Quick Memo, new lock screens, pattern lock, Voice Shutter, a special camera feature and more. Unfortunately we've only seen the press release as of know, without getting our hands on the new Optimus UI 3.0, so we can't express our opinion about it.

The new Optimus UI 3.0 also comes with a camera feature which allows you to take multiple photos and pick the one you like. It also come with better customization options and it should be much easier to use. And we actually believe that LG tells the truth when saying the new UI is better, especially because it runs over Google's Android ICS.


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