LG’s upcoming V30 phablet will have one key advantage over its rivals. While other flagship smartphones sold in the US usually include a 1-year limited warranty, the V30 will actually come with a 2-year warranty. Well, basically, the smartphone will come with a 1-year warranty, but with the company’s “second year promise”, it will be extended to 2 years without any additional cost. However, in order to extend the warranty, It is required that you register your V30 on the LG website within 90 days of purchase. The info was revealed in a video posted by AT&T to promote the upcoming LG flagship. LG had in fact done the same thing with the G6 in the US, giving consumers an additional year of warranty for free.

The LG V30 has so far only been released in the manufacturer’s home market of South Korea. Unfortunately, we still do not know when exactly the V30 will be launched in the US. With a number of significant upgrades under its hood, the V30 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive flagship smartphones that LG has produced in recent times. The V30 not only looks premium but also packs flagship-grade internals and a unique Quad-DAC for best-in-class audio quality via the 3.5mm headphone jack. It also happens to be LG’s first flagship in a long time to feature a P-OLED display. The last time LG used an OLED panel on a flagship model was back in 2015 with the G Flex 2. However, both the G Flex 2 and the original G Flex were only niche models sold in very limited quantities. That makes the V30 LG’s first “proper” flagship with an OLED panel.

While LG hasn’t officially confirmed the V30’s pricing for the US market just yet, it is rumored that the phablet will be priced at $749.99 unlocked, making it more affordable than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 as well as the new Apple iPhone X.

Would you pick the LG V30 over the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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