Microsoft is desperate to save Windows Phone OS as more smartphone and tablet producers are opting for Android OS. The negotiations started between Microsoft and the Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, with the proposal of introducing Windows Phone OS as a second mobile operating system for the Android based smartphones and tablets released by HTC. They even cut off the licensing fees in order to make HTC adopt such an agreement, but things are still on hold after HTC refused to use any Windows Phone OS for their products. The proposal came from Terry Myerson, the head of Windows Phone division, who contacted HTC with this offer, following a visit to one of HTC's board in Taiwan for an agreement.

Looking from this point of view, we could understand that Windows Phone board is in a serious crisis trying to maintain itself in the game and Nokia haven't boosted the business or made Windows Phone any popular as they initially predicted, but on the other hand, HTC was in fact looking for information about engineering cost to produce a dual boot Android / Windows Phone OS.

Now, I don't say that this is bad, but admitting you have an image problem and trouble to sell your product is something very bad for your future plans. Cutting off licensing fees just to get a spot near one of the most used mobile OS, is again, a bad image movement, and this is not assuring anyone that things aren't that bad after all.

Beside the engineering issues which might occur while creating such device, there is also Google's side that has to agree with placing its OS near a competitor on the same device. There is still premature to expect a reaction from Google, as the project is still on paper and nothing serious was made in this direction, but Microsoft willing to discuss such project and HTC willing to create a dual-boot device, won't sound so good for Google. Not that Android will be threaten by Windows Phone OS, but Google has the history of crushing competitors, and while Microsoft shares a poor 3.7% of smartphone market, won't bring Google any benefits.

Android is probably going to exist as a standalone operating system on any device and Microsoft will have to deal with the popularity problem by itself. The only way Microsoft could gain a few more percentages in the market share is going to be through Nokia's future projects who can steal a few percentages from Android but further than that, Microsoft it's going to hit the rock bottom.

And this isn't quite over, as what I said above it's only a projection from the OS development view. We should also take a look at smartphone makers and see why from all producers, HTC was so opened for negotiations and also made its own research for costs. Well, looking at the sales charts, Samsung is the leading Android based manufacturer and a dual boot smartphone will bring users with the ability of choosing from two different operating systems which gives a totally different experience. That has to be something which could attract many sales if, of course, they overcome any issues that might occur with two software being on the same device.

Recently a report has shown a major loss from HTC of over $101 million, and the Taiwanese manufacturer has all the reasons to be worried about future sales. Previously, in the Q2 HTC scored a profit but the downturn is way much bigger that what they managed to get in Q2. Not even the HTC One could not save HTC from going to this slippery road which makes us all wonder if there is a bad management involved, or tech consumers are not so opened to HTC products anymore.

Until now we have seen smartphones which crossed the "usual" line through its design, technology, performance and so on, mostly hardware break troughs, and this is the first time anyone tries to line up a device that will be recognized not by any major tech improvements, but by unusual software alignment.

Even if all major HTC products are running Android OS, they have shown mercy to Microsoft and introduced a few devices with Windows Phone OS which looking at the sales, they didn’t sell so good. In fact, a few months ago, some retailers in UK refused to introduce new Windows Phone OS smartphones in their offers because they couldn't sell them. Consumers seem to go with Android knowing how reliable it is and to be honest, they have Google behind who had proven its power before and it’s getting bigger, faster and stronger with each Android update it announces.

To be honest, I would like to see the deal going all the way up to the final product, it would be a different experience, but in the same time, knowing how much influence does Google has, I doubt such device will see the light. We're going to keep you updated as soon as something new will pop-up because this is going to be an interesting case to follow.

Meanwhile, tell us if you thing that Google and Microsoft are going to co-exist on the same HTC smartphone, and if you are willing to buy such product. And also, what the specs you would expect from a dual boot smartphone. Leave your comments below and let go to your imagination!

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