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Moto X Might Be Customizable After All, Hints Motorola Ad

As the Moto X release date is just around the corner and as launch of the first smartphone co-developed by Google and the phone maker it purchased in August 2012 approaches more details about the upcoming smartphones are hitting the web. After it was initially rumored that the Moto X (back then known as the X Phone) will be a super smartphone meant to kill both the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4 just by looking at them, we’ve recently found out that it will actually be a handset with technical specifications that recommend it for the mid-range segment.

Anyway, from the plethora of Moto X rumors the one saying that the smartphone will be fully customizable allowing the users to choose the amount of RAM, processor, internal storage, battery capacity, and even camera sensor. Moreover, Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki has made a Google Plus post asking his followers whether they would like to be able to customize their smartphones like they do with a car, also including a video about Porsche customization options.

The first Moto X add might confirm what the rumor mill has speculated for a couple of months now. It hints at a “the first smartphone you can design yourself.” Hopefully the design yourself part will not be resumed at the color options. When hear that I can design something myself I think of making that something perfect for my needs and this includes customizing its hardware, too. Hopefully Motorola shares my view about the “design it yourself” part.

Now just imagine the possibilities. You want an Android-powered monster? You can choose the Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2 GB of RAM, full HD display, and 64 GB of storage for your Moto X. You want a mid-end Android smartphone at a decent price? Go with a dual-core processor, HD display, and just 1 GB of RAM. You are always on the road and battery life is what you need? Squeeze a 3,300 mAh RAZR Maxx-like battery under the case of your Moto X.

The Moto X ad also tells us what we already knew: that the smartphone will be manufactured in the US. The US has been bleeding manufacturing jobs for decades, so it strategy may sway some people, but, personally, I’d say it Motorola’s their attempt to say that it’s quality made with quality materials. Still, the “Made in the USA” thing might have a drawback: the price.

Anyway, one of the things that stroke me as unusual about the Moto X ad is those two people jumping in the water. I may be reading way too much into this ad but the guy does an X like in Moto X, while the girl is doing an I. Put them together and you get a XI, which is 11 in Roman numerals. Will  the Moto X be launched in November (11th month of the year)? Or maybe on July 11th. Who knows? Maybe the water jump is all about telling us that the Moto X will be water proof.

In fact, Google’s Larry Page complained that the modern smartphones lack a decent battery life and durability, but was that just an user’s complaint or a hint that the Moto X will be a rugged hadset with a gigantic battery squeezed underneath its case?

We’ve also heard from the Motorola officials that the Moto X will be “contextually aware.” What does Motorola means by “contextually aware?” We don’t know for sure, but this might be a clue that the Moto X will not come with stock Android, but wit a special interface customized by the Chicago-based phone maker.

Just in case you want to hear what the rumor mill has to say about Moto X specifications, I will tell you that it is believed that it will boast a dual-core processor with an unknown clock speed, 2 GB of RAM, LTE support, and a 10 megapixel camera on the back. It doesn’t sound that great, isn’t it?

What are you expectations for the Moto X? Any particular features you want? Shout out in the comments section below.