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US Cellular Motorola Electrify M Gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA Update

The Motorola Electrify M was launched in November at has been available only on U.S. Cellular since then. There is good news of the owners of the device as it started receiving the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware update as of yesterday. The update will probably bring all the features that were rolled out on other Motorola handsets, meaning the standard Jelly Bean software, plus a series of helpful customizations. Leaving Motorola’s own tweaks, you will be getting Project Butter, improved notifications and Google Now.

Google Now is a feature that will automatically generate your notifications in real-time. In other words, the smartphone will display you useful information like traffic updates, weather reports, scores from various sport events, stock updates, and others. All the information will be automatically delivered to you without even asking .

The Voice Search function can be very useful when you need information about pretty much everything. For instance, you can look for a good restaurant in case you have dinner plans, or ask for information about the next bus that will leave a certain station. You will receive either a search result or a spoken response for your question.

Better Notifications is an improvement that will allow you to call or text a person who contacted you right from the missed call notification. But there is more to it. For instance, if you get a reminder about a meeting you have, there are two possibilities; you can wither snooze the reminder by tapping it once or send an email to the person you’re meeting to say that you will be a little late.

The owners of the Motorola Electrify M should know that when a large software is released (which is the same case here), it might take a while for it to arrive, so they better be patient.