We all know about the LTE connectivity issues with Android Pie recently reported by the Galaxy Note 8 users, so hearing about a new Sprint Android roll out made us smile a little bit. Even though the changelog is missing, we’re hoping that this OTA is here to address the LTE connectivity malfunction along with the other issues caused by the Android Pie system.

So, yes, the N950USQU5DSD4 software brings to April 2019 Security Patch for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It’s an Android Pie powered firmware which is here to address the Samsung and Android vulnerabilities concerning your online and offline activity. Mainly, the OTA is trying to secure your profile and your data, though it also comes with important bug fixes and stability improvements.

Bottom line, with the N950USQU5DSD4 software installed your Galaxy Note 8 should run better than it used to. Sprint is currently rolling out the April 2019 Security patch, but if the notification isn’t yet spotted on your phone, don’t worry. Usually such roll outs are being released gradually or in phases which mean that some users will receive the OTA sooner than others.

Keep in mind that a new OTA (‘over the air’ update) can be received only if your Sprint Galaxy Note 8 is already running on official Android OS.

 If a custom ROM was installed, or if you performed tweaks (such as gaining root access), you won’t be able to automatically apply the April 2019 Security patch. Instead, you will have to download the full N950USQU5DSD4 firmware packages and set it up manually via Odin. When you do that you will restore your phone back to its factory state: you revoke root access, relock the bootloader, reinstall the stock recovery image and reapply bloatware.

Anyway, it’s more than recommended to flash the latest official Android updates that are released by Samsung. Only by doing that you can enjoy the best Android functionality and experience a secure Android system on a daily basis.

So, go ahead and test this new software package on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you notice improvements, or if you spot problems, share it with us and with the other users who might still wait for the April 2019 Security patch notification. You can share your update experience with us easily and quickly by using the comments field that’s available below.

Hilly · 1 year ago

Just updated my sprint note 8 to the latest security patch:

Software version N950USQU5DSD4
Hardware version REV1.0
and now my smart lock is not working. When I went to check on it after I enter my pattern I just get a blank screen. Is anyone else having this problem?

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