According to this XDA Developers thread, a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 update is now being pushed to users. The new firmware has build number N9005XXUFNF4 and a size of around 185 MB.

The new Android 4.4.2 update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is being rolled out in phases, which means that some of you might still have to wait a few more days. As you may know, once your Galaxy Note 3 N9005 will become eligible to receive the new firmware, you should receive a system update notification. Tap on it, then follow the on-screen instructions. If the system update notification failed to show up, you would also want to perform a manual check under Settings > More > About device > Software updates > Check for software updates.

Alternatively, you can also grab the USB cable, connect your smartphone to the PC and check for the N9005XXUFNF4 update via KIES.

Because all the KitKat-specific goodies such as transparent status and nav bars, white status bar icons, new Location menu, immersive mode, full screen album art in the lockscreen, camera shortcut in the lockscreen, color emoji support, or Caller ID for Phone App, the new Android 4.4.2 update for Galaxy Note 3 arrives with improved battery life, Download Booster (combines WiFi and LTE to improve download speeds), and Kids Mode.

The XDA Developers users are also pointing out that the the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 update arrives with Knox 2.0 and "improved animations."

As I was mentioning above, the Android 4.4.2 N9005XXUFNF4 update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 has a size of around 185 MB, therefore it's recommended to use a WiFi network while downloading the update file in order to avoid unwanted data charges.

Are there any Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners reading this? Have you guys received the new Android 4.4.2 update on your devices? Please let your fellow Note 3 owners know in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to mention your location.

If you want to learn how to successfully flash this update yourself without waiting for Samsung to roll out Android 4.4.2 firmware in your region, then you can our guide here.

Caleb Lopez · 5 years ago

Just got the update 2 days ago and the first day i got great battery life, 5 hours on screen time and then out of no where i was getting only 3.25 hours screen on time... i Loved this phone, then hated it, then loved it again, then hated it again

bobz · 5 years ago

WARNING: I would suggest everyone NOT to update to the newer version of 4.4.2 . I have earlier today and have to say apart from a couple of features being added (only useful to me is the download booster) it has caused nothing other than to slug my phone down to a snail walking pace. The overall feeling is "sluggish" like when I scroll up and down pages or when ive gone to call people from contacts it has frozen up for a good few seconds then all of a sudden before im aware the call is being made but the screen shows otherwise untill it realises and then the 2 are in time with each other.

Im not a beginnner user to android or Samsung phones at all as this is my 6th smart phone from the big company and I consider myself relatively experienced with such devices. If you update you have been warned, my colleague at work updated his Note 3 also but cant tell the difference but then hes inexperienced so cant tell difference anyway. If your the cluey one that knows your phones well enough you will be dissapointed with this update. The problem has even bothered in my first days use with the new update that I even took the time to ring Samsung customer care to lodge an official complaint.

Remember, once you update there is no way to revert back!!! I do beleive that 4.4.3 is on its way soon so hopefully it will fix this but dont hold your breath as this isnt the first time Samsung has released something that didnt run smoothly, Samsung have never been known for putting out good software as we all know touchwiz is a slow bogged down piece of crap which holds back the phones that it runs on.

Anyway take care and good luck!!

zaid almulla · 5 years ago

I have galaxy note 3 9005
I received the update
Im in iraq

Rjlecz Erenea Cristobal · 5 years ago

Where is the screen capture located?

Christopher Knight · 5 years ago

Why are you all writing battery life has improved, I use many apps to monitor battery life, they all have the exact same run time statistics still. Do not give false information.

Robin · 5 years ago

Problem with gps. GPS signal is lost all the time even though a good network. Also the gps test app can not detect the gps signal. After the update this is biggest issue I am facing

Mikr · 5 years ago

Updated to this newer 4.4.2 int version UK battery life is same though.

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