Tactus Technology has just revealed a truly awesome technology today at SID Display Week 2012, in Boston. Their next-gen tactile technology manages to generate a haptic UI with real shapes and physical buttons, which allows you actually have physical buttons on your touchscreen display.

According to them, this is a world first technology and we can see from their video that it actually works. The technology uses a deformable tactile surface, which raises physical buttons on touchscreen displays. The physical buttons can even take any shape and act like a physical keyboard. Once they do their job, the buttons go back into the display, leaving absolutely no trace, so the user will be able to use it like they weren't there at all afterwards.

Tactus Technology announced that the touchscreen display has the same thickness as the regular ones and is completely flat, so if you don't need the physical buttons, then you won't even know what kind of display you are using.

One more useful thing is that the physical buttons can even be pressed, so they don't only act as tactile buttons. It feels exactly like a regular keyboard. And once the technology evolves more, we will probably be able to use is in more cases and allow the display to take more forms and shapes.

Tactus Technology wants to get their Tactile Layer to the next-generation of devices, like smartphones, tablet, automotive displays, ebook readers and more.

Watch the video below to understand better how the Tactile Layer works.


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