Technology, it’s been around us for many years, but only in the beginning of the 21st century has it begun to flourish. The mobile industry is taking off at the speed of light or better yet, it’s travelling through worm holes to achieve innovation and great technologies.

One of these innovating technologies comes from the Android app called NewsFlash, which is a concept created by the boys and girls at MIT’s Media Lab (same guys that made the camera that can capture at the speed of light). The NewsFlash application is a camera based app that reads high-frequency light to transmit data to the Android device. It’s quite similar to the QR code, but it is invisible to the human eye.

The transmitting device has a couple of colored bars that are transmitting light in a pulsating fashion and the receiving device reads those flashing lights and converts them into data. Translated, you run the NewsFlash app, point it at a device that uses this technology and your screen will display what the transmitting screen is showing, like a website, so you won’t have to go through the troublesome task of typing in the URL.

If your mind is still foggy and you didn’t understand what I was babbling about in the upper text, you can view pictures and a video about the NewsFlash concept, as the guys at Engadget have been kind enough to share with its viewers.

In the end, this project has potential, as we will be spared from the boredom of typing the URLs and other stuff that are time consuming. The potential of the NewsFlash application concept doesn’t rest in the handhelds only, as it can appear on your TV as well, in an advertisement or well within a movie, and the PC is not to be left aside.

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