The Nexus is already a brand in itself, and needless to say much anticipation has been growing regarding the up-coming Nexus tablet. Google plans to give Apple a real hard time with it's iPad-destroyer, and now we can pin a name to it. Yes indeed, the producer will be Samsung. After tall tales, then rumours, then some wider rumours, it is close to certain that the phone-making giant of modern times will be producing the new Nexus tablet. Some Android -compatible code that is being written for the up-coming Nexus Tablet leaked, and it's in line with the Samsung's Exyns 5250 Dual core A15 processor. Let's take a look at the hows and ifs of the Samsung Nexus tablet.

Rumours (or maybe sneaky marketing from Google, our dear buddy) have it that the up-coming Nexus tablet will be offered at a pre-launch discount, with final price no higher than $250.

Some code leaked, during development by a join efforts from Samsung and Google. Here's what the lucky person that obtained it declared:

“From poking around the kernel commits, the device they’re working on together features an Exynos 5250 (Dual core A15), with Mali T-604 graphics clocked at up to 533mhz (codename: vithar). For reference, the Mali 400 found in Galaxy S II / Exynos 4210 is clocked at upto 266mhz. SGS III and Exynos 4412 feature a Mali 400 clocked higher, and _that_ GPU comes top of the smartphone benchmarks besting even the iPhone 4S, so this should be much better.” [Rawat on Nexus tabled coding]

Samsung will be powering the Nexus tabled w 5250 Dual core A15 processor (and Mali T-604 graphics). This is a real powerhouse, it will surely ensure mind-blowing speed to the Nexus tablet. Users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 offered positive feedback on the speed of the device, and the S3 uses a Exynos 4412, inferior to the one planed for the Nexus tablet.

The Nexus tabled will have a display capable of  an impressive 280 x 800 pixel resolution, of the now Samsung-standard Super AMOLED display.

The new product is sure to boos interest in the Android environment in the business area, and will further development of Android architecture for larger displays. Tons of apps are sure to follow, as well as updates and a general busy bee attitude from the entire developer community.

Samsung is gaining much more ground, becoming Google's pick for the Nexus tablet which will prove a historical launch for all Android users out there, and the entire handheld computing market as a whole. Many people presumed a Motorola partnership for the Nexus tablet, or maybe Sony.

What do you think? Asus showed some interesting designs for it's tablets. Also, do you guys share my hunch (or is it a wish?) that the new Samsung Nexus tablet will launch alongside the unveiling of the Android Jellybean?

Join us in asking and answering these questions, sharing opinions, and have a good Android-loving time. Rest assured that will keep you posted on the official release date for the Samsung Nexus tablet, Android 5.0 info, and all the moves Google is making in the Android world.

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