Nokia has been a world leading company for a long time it comes to mobile phones. However, with the appearance of the smartphones, the Finish company isn't nr 1 for some time as companies such as Apple, Samsung, and HTC. Apart from its own operating systems namely Symbian and Meego, Nokia has a partnership with Microsoft and releases smartphones running Windows Phone. However, there have been rumors saying that the company will launch Android-based devices. According to some previous reports, Nokia was supposed to embrace the Android-mania and release its first tablet running Google's OS. At some point, even Stephen Elop, who is the Nokia CEO, hinted that the rumors were true. It would be nice to have a Nokia tablet coming with Android, but it seems that will have to wait a while.

Nokia might make it happen, but not in the near future, it appears. A sure thing is that the company will not announce such as tablet at Mobile World Congress 2013. In fact, Nokia doesn't plan to unveil any sort of tablet at the event, according to a posting published by Strategy Analytics, a research company. It looks like Nokia is planing to only expand the Lumia smartphone line, devices which run Windows Phone 8, as you already might now.

Nevertheless, this does not entirely exclude the possibility that the company may announce at least that it intends to develop a sort of tablet in the future, Android-based or not. The report only specifies that Nokia will not launch an Android tablet, maybe the company will release one with Windows on it.

Anyway, MWC is coming, so even if won't be a tablet, Nokia still has some aces up its sleeve. We'll just have to wait and see what surprises the Finish company has to offer.

Kailashnath Draraka · 6 years ago

Nokia and Android ? Impossible. They would like to die and eradicated but will never produce Android devices ( which can save them for sure and bring them back to top position because of their great hardware ).

bikan · 6 years ago

cannot wait...

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