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Official Android 4.0 ICS Update for HTC Thunderbolt to be Released Soon

The HTC Thunderbolt users are surely tired of waiting for the official OTA Android 4.0 ICS update to come as the firmware is nowhere to find. Unfortunately, since the previous delay, which was back in August this year, there weren’t leaked any announcements related to a possible Ice Cream Sandwich improvement for the Thunderbolt, so the HTC fans are starting to wonder if the software will ever be made available. Anyway, good details are starting to be unveiled because the Android 4.0 OTA update will apparently (according to our sources) be released “soon”.

Well, this isn’t an exact date as you might believe, but at least we got something to rely on. The “soon” date might mean a couple of days, or even months, so don’t get too enthusiastic as you will be disappointed once more. The most unfortunate aspect related to this OTA update is referring to something else actually: the Jelly Bean OS. As you can tell, if the ICS firmware isn’t yet available that means that there is no chance to see the latest Android version, the Jelly Bean platform, launched for the HTC Thunderbolt, at least not for now and not for the beginning of next year either.

For those who don’t know, the Thunderbolt was released way back in 2011 and it is currently running on the already outdated Gingerbread system. But, leaving the OS aside, the HTC Thunderbolt specs are quite decent, the phone coming with a single core 1 GHz processor, 8 GB of internal storage, 8 MP camera on the back, 768 MB of RAM and a 4.3 inch display. All these are making the Thunderbolt the perfect smartphone for those who aren’t ready to get a high end, extremely expensive device, but the Gingerbread OS should be changed with something more “appealing”.

So, what do you say; will the HTC Thunderbolt receive the official Android 4.0 ICS OTA update as a Christmas gift, or the “soon to come” release date is actually meaning something more “far away”? Share your thoughts and impressions with us by using the comments area from below.

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