The Android 4.1.2 I777UCMD8 Jelly Bean firmware update has been rolled out for Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T model via Samsung KIES program. Connect your SGS2 device with your computer and verify if there are any update files available for download.

The news has been reported on XDA Developers and AT&T community forums. This is the first major update that has been released for the Galaxy S2 AT&T since the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich build. Now that the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock ROM is available for it, the users will be able to experience the Project Butter interface, Nature UX 2.0 and all the other Jelly Bean features for the first time.

It has been reported that the firmware update has been pushed out via Samsung KIES program and, if you own an AT&T Galaxy S2 I777 model then you simply need to connect it with your computer and wait for all the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean UCMD8 files to be installed. When the update is complete, you should unplug the phone from computer, reboot it and then power it on in normal mode to test all the brand new features and functions.

Besides the 'project butter' interface, expandable notifications,  and tweaks added to the overall UI of your device, you will notice that the Google Now feature is now available for your device, also. There is no official changelog, but these features were first added for the other Galaxy S2 phones that were updated a few months ago by their respective carriers.

Also, there is no official word on the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 UCMD8 OTA Update availability, but it shouldn't take long before that happens. This update took all the AT&T Galaxy S2 by surprise, as no users expected it to ever be available for their smartphones. This is also great news for those who didn't change their phone for a newer model, as now they can test the Jelly Bean experience without paying any extra money nor by installing any custom ROMs.

Remember that by installing the Android 4.1.2 UCMD8 Jelly Bean firmware update you might experience a worse battery life than before, as the new OS uses a whole lot of resources.

Do you own an AT&T Galaxy S2 phone? Connect it with your computer, launch KIES software and check for new Jelly Bean OS updates. Tell us in comments if you did get the update.

Users that didn't receive the update can use our guide HERE and learn how to manually flash Android 4.1.2 UCMD8 firmware official update files for AT&T Galaxy S2 I777.

Knucklehead · 6 years ago

This would be great if Kies played nice, been trying for 2 days and just can't get it to run...Not a fan of Kies in the least bit.

Greyhawk808 · 6 years ago

I installed Jelly Bean on my AT&T Galaxy II a couple of days ago. Now Gallery does not work. Can't save or access photos. I have lots of memory so I don't know why it says it needs space? Any details on a fix?

Greg · 6 years ago

I'm having the same poor battery life and warmer operating temperature, maybe the Kies update is meant to guinea pig those willing to check it out and the OTA update will be an update to fix any issues. lolololololololololol wishful thinking.

Shree · 6 years ago

I have samsung galaxy s2 I9100, can i update..

Alan · 6 years ago

Updated this morning....everything looks cool but..........used sat nav for 25 minutes phone was red hot, also battery life has plummeted. Hasnt even lasted 8 hours. very poor. not sure im happy, also quite concerned about how hot my handset got using satnav.

WaitingForJelly · 6 years ago

When I saw on the web that it was available, I logged onto kies with my computer and started the update. It first required that I update to the latest kies, then informed me that there was a 4.1.2 update.
I installed it, and it seems to be working great so far. The UI seems more responsive. The camera app seems better. All my apps, contacts, pictures, etc were there and functional. I didn't do a factory reset, and it appears that so far I didn't need to.
Not sure on battery life yet, however, the phone does seem to be warmer than before. It seems OK as long as I'm not doing lots with the screen. That seems to use the most power.
I guess time will tell how I like it, but for now, it seems like a welcome update!

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