Samsung has just begun rolling out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Galaxy Note. European users started receiving the updates and it's said that it will reach global users very soon. Like everyone expected, the update comes with the S Pen apps we have been waiting for. New apps include S Note, Shape March and My story, which make the S Pen much useful.

The rumors about TouchWiz seem to have been true, as it comes with it, though most complain about it's poor design and lack of usability over the stock ICS UI. But fortunately we have two very powerful launchers available, the Nova and Apex, which are based on stock and come with more features and customization options.

This has been a long wait and there are already many custom ICS ROMs based on Samsung leaks that work very well, though I'm sure developers will be very happy to start building on the official one. Also none of the custom ROMs came with Samsung's S Pen apps, so the ones who used them couldn't enjoy it to the fullest.

Hopefully developers will manage to port Samsung's S Pen apps to custom ROMs for those who want more features and don't prefer to use the official Ice Cream Sandwich.

Update: We just installed the official ICS on our Galaxy Note and here's a video preview


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