Google demoed today the first phase of the GLASS UI, formerly known as Project Glass. This new gadget, or whatever you want to call it, has a long road ahead of it and it will surely not be out for the general public in the next year. However, one can only hope that the device will be available starting with 2014 for consumers.

The Glass by Google has been demoed in a video and you can see that it can host Hangout while flying planes, taking videos and photos while you're during various things along with offering directions while you're biking through the New York City streets. The video presents the 'Ok, Class' quote that seems to be on everybody's lips when activating it.

You simply say 'Ok, Glass' and then the Google 'glasses' will become active and deliver the type of information that you're after. This is a great concept and the video shows one of the best future gadgets that we will end up using on a daily basis, just like we're currently using the smartphone and tablets. The video only shows two minutes and sixteen seconds of Glass actions and this might seem to be short, but Google is hard at work and maybe in the next few months we will catch other glimpses of it.

There is no official release date for Google GLASS. But, we can begin guessing that it will be integrated with Google Now and Voice Actions, and that this project keeps getting forward and with every day that goes by we are closer and closer to its final stages. Google keeps throwing stuff at us and with the latest improvements in Android OS, Nexus devices, the upcoming release of the Android-based smartwatches and with all the other Google-based devices we will end up living in a Google world, which might not be such a bad thing.

Take a look at the video and post your opinions in our comments section below.

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