Oppo has shown several times that they are able to manufacture terminals capable of competing against the favorite babies of the smartphone world. Well, as far as I can say, the Find 7 might be Oppo's next surprise-smartphone.

The first Oppo Find 7 teasers emerged last year and now we see the China-based company revealing one more feature of their next-gen flagship smartphone. According to a recent tweet by Oppo, "gloves and wet hands will not be an issue with the sensitive screen of Find 7." Get it? You will be able to use the Oppo Find 7 with gloves, just like you do with your Lumia, Galaxy S4, or Galaxy Note 3.

But the glove-friendly screen will probably be the least-appealing feature of the Find 7. Oppo has confirmed that the terminal will sport a 5.5-inch QHD (1440 x 2560) screen, so we're more than eager to see Find 7 in flesh. The Find 7 is also expected to pack a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, 13 MP primary camera, 3 GB RAM, and a massive 4,000 mAh battery.

For the time being, there's no information on the price or the release date of the Oppo Find 7. However, Oppo announced on Twitter that they "will be attending MWC 2014." MWC 2014 takes place in Barcelona between February 24 - 27. Maybe we'll get lucky and see the Oppo Find 7 in flesh at the said tech fair.

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