Of late, Chinese OEMs have been innovating a lot more than their western counterparts. Oppo, in particular, has several exciting concepts such as 15W wireless charging and a retractable display that could potentially revolutionise how we look at a modern-day smartphone. It comes as no surprise that the company wants a part of the flexible display pie and Chuck Wang, the product manager of Oppo, said at the head office of the manufacturer in Shenzhen that the company is also working on a folding smartphone concept. However, he could not provide further details, such as a possible release date, specifications or in which smartphone range of Oppo the phone will appear.

Wang further stated that Oppo is also speculating on releasing a 5g phone in Europe in the first half of next year. He did not want to say to which series that smartphone belongs, but we can expect it to be a part of their flagship Find series. Lastly, Wang also said that his company is busy with the development of placing a camera behind the screen, through a hole in the display.

Oppo is joining this in a growing list of smartphone manufacturers that are aiming to bring affordable smartphones to the masses. Three weeks ago Samsung unveiled a foldable smartphone at its developer conference, with a foldable screen of 7.28 "and a resolution of 2152x1536 pixels." Huawei also hinted at working on a foldable smartphone, alongside LG. The prospect of foldable displays looks promising, but it's too early for us to comment on it at this point.

Nokia and Oppo recently announced that they would cooperate in the field of patents. The two companies have signed a multi-year agreement, allowing Oppo to gain access to Nokia technologies under license. The companies did not want to announce further details. Judging by what has been announced so far, 2019 should be an interesting year. 2018 has been mostly about incremental upgrades and, and we hope that the next year has something mind-blowing in store for us, including new releases from Oppo.

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