With the Ouya release date scheduled for June, the Android-powered gaming console was expected to be capable of keeping up with other modern handsets. Unfortunately, the first benchmark scores are disappointing.

Ouya is the name of the highly anticipated Android console designed to bring entertainment on your HDTV. Personally I would have expected Ouya to be capable of impressing the public with a unique user interface and a series of exclusive game titles. Rumor has it that the above mentioned Android gaming console is supposed to support emulation of classing game titles, a huge reason to cheer for the fans of the games that were popular a couple of decades ago.

The good thing is the Ouya has a price of only $99, but its hardware platform can be classified as mediocre. With a Tegra 3 SoC and a quad-core Cortex A9 CPU clocked at 1.7 GHz and helped by 1 GB of RAM, most of the modern Android games should run on Ouya in optimal conditions.

The problem is that, when compared to other devices launched this year and late 2012, Ouya looks pretty bad. In the 3Dmark test from Futuremark, the Ouya Android gaming console scored 4,077 points. Even though Ouya outscored Google's popular Nexus 7 tablet, the Android console had a score that wasn't capable of matching Nexus 4's 10,201 points.

With new Android-powered smartphones hitting the market almost each month, Ouya has all the chances to get psychologically old before hitting the homes of the first customers.

Let's hope that after the launch of HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nexus 5, the developers won't rush in and launch games that will only be compatible with the powerful chipsets underpinning the three aforementioned devices.

Would you still buy the Ouya knowing that its Tegra 3 SoC will be outmatched by most of the Android flagship smartphones and tablets that will be on the market in June?

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