The critical Android vulnerability bug, known as StageFright, can be now easily fixed as long as you choose to apply the latest updates provided by Google and by your carrier. Of course, the OS improvements are minor ones as the new Android builts only comes with stability improvements and other bug fixes so don’t expect to receive new features, apps or processes.

Well, the same aspects can be added when talking about the OnePlus One, which can be anytime now manually updated with a new version of Oxygen OS – no, it will not update your phone to Android 5.1 Lollipop system.

As already pointed out, the firmware can be manually downloaded and flashed on your OnePlus One, which makes the new Oxygen OS compatible with your device even if CyanogenMod is running by default.

All you have to do in order to complete the update process is to download the update package (you can do it from here) and flash it through TWRP recovery (or through any other custom recovery image you prefer); do not forget to charge your smartphone before flashing the ROM as if you phone will get stuck during the installation process, software related problems might be issued – if you need further help on the update process, stay close as we will soon bring a detailed step by step guide for you.

Of course, in the end Oxygen OS will be running on your OnePlus One and not CyanogenMod – thus skip the update operation if you still want to use the CM platform. Do keep in mind that with the Oxygen OS update you will be able to address the StageFright security issue, so the best will be to apply the firmware in order to enjoy a stable and secured Android experience.

There you have it; a new Oxygen OS is available for your OnePlus One but it isn’t the Android 5.1 Lollipop firmware you expect – do share how things turned out for you by using the comments field from below.

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