Just like any Windows-powered tablets, computers and laptops your Android device can experience the Black Screen of Death issue.

And yes, it can happen even on the most powerful smartphones such as your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Well, the Black Screen of Death (BSoD) issue is a software problem, or at least it is in most situations – if you haven’t dropped or damages your device recently, then it’s definitely a problem related with the firmware.

What’s the Black Screen of Death, or shortly BSoD problem?

As the name suggests, the BSoD issue is an unresponsive state in which your Galaxy S10 Plus can enter. Basically, a black screen is displayed or entered and everything you try to perform isn’t changing this error state.

Well, if you’re getting this BSoD behavior on your Android device, don’t panic. Before taking your phone back to store, try to follow the troubleshooting steps explained below.

Quick Fix for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Black Screen of Death

Force Restart your Phone

We know that you might have been already thinking about this, but it’s the recommended solution for this situation. If you already tried to force restart your phone with no success, maybe you’ve done it wrong.

You have a detailed tutorial on how you can force reboot your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus here. Follow the steps explained in that guide and see if you manage to get pass the Black Screen of Death behavior. If not, return here and resume the rest of the troubleshooting methods.

Charge your phone and initiate the force restart in the end

Well, yes, your handset might need some power. Maybe you weren’t paying attention and the battery got drained out. When the power is running low the Android system tries to protect it, thus it initiate a preventive shut down. If something bad happens during this operation an unresponsive state might be caused and you can end up in experience the Black Screen of Death issue.

So, plug in the charger on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Wait for 10 or more minutes and afterwards try to force restart your smartphone. Hopefully, now the Android mode shows up.

Try entering recovery mode

If the BSoD isn’t getting fixed, try to reboot your phone straight to recovery mode. In that way you can force the Android system to reboot into a different state, a state that isn’t related with the usual Android UI.

You can enter recovery in different ways. Here is a dedicated tutorial compatible with your Galaxy S10 Plus in that regard. Use it and if the recovery environment can be accessed, consider in making a hard reset before going back to Android Mode.

The hard reset can be initiated from recovery mode and we’ve explained how in this step by step guide.

Final thoughts

We hope that the troubleshooting solutions explained above helped you fix the Black Screen of Death issue on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If not, maybe the best thing to do will be to take your smartphone back to store. Don’t worry, the warranty will cover this initiative. Do let us know how you manage to fix this malfunction after all. Good luck.

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