Recovery mode is very useful and there are a lot of features you can use from there. Especially if you have ClockworkMod Recovery installed, there are a lot of useful features.

In recovery mode you can factory reset / wipe data, wipe cache and dalvik cache on your Galaxy S3. In recovery mode you can also install updates, custom ROMS of kernels very easily. And there are some other features you can find there too, like reformat partitions, fix permissions, mount or unmount partitions, and connect the USB storage.

If you want to get ClockworkMod Recovery ( CWM ) on your Galaxy S3, then here's a guide to flash it.

We also have a guide to enter download mode and you can find it here.

How to enter recovery mode on Galaxy S3 i9300

Entering recovery mode on Galaxy S3 is very easy. All you have to do is shut down your device and boot while holding the volume up, home button and power button simultaneously.

We also have a video that shows you how it's done. You can watch it below:

hilal ahmad khan · 3 years ago

I treid this but its going normaly on .? what i do

tC · 4 years ago

Thank you!

randumazzfoo · 4 years ago

galaxy s3 boost stuck at samsung s3 screen usb dont work help with recover from sd only option

Tracy · 4 years ago

I have a verizon model galaxy 3. I got it used. I want to use ISIS wallet but it says it's rooted. I was told I could fix this if I entered recovery mode and cleared some things. I tried shutting it down and holding volume up, home button and power key and it just vibrates in a pattern. buzz, buzz, buzz. If I let go it starts up normal. Help??

HELPHELPHELP · 4 years ago

Am I able to recover deleted photos by doing this? If so, please detail. Thank you.

Maxime Vlt · 4 years ago


Michael Campbell · 4 years ago

My galaxy s3 (Sprint SPH-L710) does not receive cell signal now. I rooted it, flashed CWM recovery and then tried to install a custom ROM (hellfire 2.4). It had a problem and wouldn't install and when I tried to reboot it started saying that all these apps were stopping. Gapps.something? What's going on? What do I do? I tried to install the backup that I had made before trying to install the custom ROM , but that did not help. I still can't get cell signal. Anyone know what I need to do?

Alan Hunter · 4 years ago

I know it's an old post but for reference sake.

This is what happens when you forget to install the google apps (gapps) which should have been somewhere on the same page that you downloaded the ROM from.

Cell signal would be the radio drivers, CyanogenMod has some backups of radios but some are copy protected and must be gained either from a similar phone (in our case any S3 from the same service will do) or from Samsung (good luck getting a tech that even knows what a radio driver is).

ArleneRamage · 4 years ago

Hi I'm trying to turn my S3 back from 4.3 to 4.1.2 and have downloaded the firmware and odin, but I cant unzip it because it says this is the first disc in the set, please insert the last disc???!! Is there a last disc? how do I get past this, or has it just not downloaded properly?

Huedekaiser · 5 years ago

I searched "How to boot a samsung 3 into recovery mode" not "A video about how you boot your samsung 3 into recovery mode"

ANON · 5 years ago


MAntve · 3 years ago


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Anon · 5 years ago

Well, you found it you ungrateful prick. >>> All you have to do is shut down your device and boot while holding the volume up, home button and power button simultaneously. <<<

The video was for people who are too stupid to read and follow directions. Looks like you need it.

Hotguyfindme · 3 years ago

Your very funny.Honestly,I am one of the dumbest person. I watched the video.I read and following along.I think I will need a pc to fix my phone. It seems so easy when I watched it but my phone doesn't cooperate.Your very funny when you replied to the person complaining.

glenn · 6 years ago

I already rooted my note 2 (SuperSU) and flashed a custom recovery (CWM) but when i try to enter in custom recovery it still show the stock recovery mode.

Tyson · 6 years ago

Did you do the flash through Odin? Try it again to see if things work. Sometimes recovery updates don't take.

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